2003-2004 Cobra question

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  1. Looking at buying an 03 cobra soon. Went and looked at one the other day and had two guestions.

    First- When looking in the truck to the left (driver side) the trunk lining was sticking out a little so I looked behind it. There was a small box looked like wires going into it. What is this? I was thinking maybe fuel inertia switch. He thought possibly abs module, but im pretty sure that would be up front. Anyone with a cobra help me out with this?

    Second- we test drove the car for a good ten mins, came back to the parking lot we met at, turned car off. I looked around, inspected a few more things, talked to the owner for a little bit. Then asked him to start the engine again. I was standing driver side with the hood open. As soon as he started the car, I saw some white smoke from the engine bay coming from passenger side firewall area. It last only a few seconds maybe 20 at the most then went away, noticed it coming from bottom passender side right behind left front tire also. After that, I looked couldn't see anything. The owner wasnt sure either and never noticed this. We let car sit, tried again, it never smoked again after that. Any ideas? Can someone tell me where the a/c drain is on a 2003 cobra?

  2. Sounds like the fuel inertia switch.

    If you look again on the left side of the trunk, behind the carpeting, you SHOULD see the fuel inertia cut-off/reset switch. It usually has a red button, with an accompanying wire harness going into it as well. You can probably do a "Google Image" search to find pics of same to confirm whether it was that or not. :shrug:

    Not sure about the smoke - did you have the A/C running during the test drive? If so, it's possible that the condensation (water) from the A/C (evap?) unit is dripping down and "burning" off on the hot/heated passenger side exhaust tubing.

    IIRC, I have seen this happen on other mustangs once you shut the car off. But, it shouldn't be a solid white smoke cloud. White clouds of smoke typically indicate coolant (aka: antifreeze) burning off somewhere. Did you notice a "sweet" smell under the hood - typical of coolant/antifreeze burning.

    If you inspect the car a 2nd tme, take note of the above and keep it in mind, or have it looked over by a trusted mechanic if you are unsure.

    G'luck. :cheers:
  3. p0190,p1233

    bought used 04 terminator,ran good till i put nkg tr6.it stated to miss so i pulled the plugs to find freckled pistons and folded spark plugs so i assume a lean condition is happening.compression check shows an average ag 151psi so i put it all back together started it to find these codes present p0190 and 1233 im a toyota tech with no ford computer to properly diag any clues would be awesome and appreciated
  4. all the plugs are bad or only certain cylinders?
  5. No worries. Mine does the same thing and the dealer says it's normal. How much is he asking for purchase?
  6. just as good if not better than fsm

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