2003 3.8 Oil Pump

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  1. Newbie here and I need a little help. Has anyone bought an aftermarket oil pump seal for a 2003 Mustang 3.8? Mine had a small leak until I decided to "tweek" the nuts down just a little then it started leaking more. I haven't found any parts place that sells or can order it. Only place I've found one is at the dealer and you know that story. By the time I pay their price, I'm not too far from paying for an aftermarket pump with the seal but I hate to spend for a pump I don't need just to get a seal. I can't believe the time I've spent looking without finding this yet. What's so special about this one seal???
  2. I realize this is an old post but just wanted to input my experience in case it may help someone else. I found that felpro sells a timing cover gasket set pretty cheap that includes the rubber o ring type oil pump gasket. I have two 2003 3.8 mustangs that are both leaking by the oil pump to timing cover joint. Yesterday I removed the oil pump from one of them and found no o-ring but instead the injection type gasket. I saw a TSB from ford in 2001 saying to dealers to send back the leaking pumps and to use the pump with the rubber oring so thought that that practice stopped in 2001. Anyway I purchased a mellings replacement oil pump from auto zone with the oring and replaced it.While the haynes manual said to pack the pump with Vaseline the Melling directions said to submerge the pump in oil and turn the gears so I did that and kept the gears chamber full of oil while replacing it. Messy but it primed fine and no more leak.