2003 Cobra $500

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  1. I just saw this on ebay

    I was going to bid but decided not too because it needed a $500 deposit (all his buy it now auctions require a $500 deposit). Im guessing they messed up on the auction and accidently put the Buy It Now to $500. All his other auctions start around $5,000 and then buy it now is the actual value.

    His feedback is 99.5% with 3423 sales.

    Wondering what would happen here? Isnt it a contract? Wouldnt the seller have to sell the cobra for that price? Hopefully not because I woulda bid, its sold now.
  2. Sexy minus being a vert... :p
  3. Wonder whats gonna happen, Nik you not notice that it was for $500.00?
  4. it says 500 is due in the first 24 hours, then the rest is due within 5 days.
  5. Somone got it. I looked and it looks like they messed up big time.
  6. People have the right to make mistakes. He is not gonna be made to sell it at $500.
  7. Yeah thats what I thought...
  8. Even if the owner paid me $500 I'd pass since it's a vert lol...
  9. I cant believe you would do that, its an 03 cobra!!!
  10. Lol, I'd do the same thing. I just can't do verts... No offence to any1.
  11. I'de take the vert for $500. resell it for its true value and buy me a coupe.
  12. vert arnt bad. id perfer coupe too.
  13. i cant do black...got any other colors?
  14. thats what i was gonna say.
  15. He would be allowed to claim mistake in a court of law, and the contract would be rescinded.
  16. lol.....ebaums world........CALLED IT!! :rlaugh:
  17. AHAHAHA I Saw that video, it was classic.
  18. actually don't think anyone bought it I think they just ended it. Cause it doesn't say who the winner was. That things sweet i'd take it I wanted a vert when i bought mine. I had it all figured out roll with the top down picking up chicks lol
  19. no someone bid on it:
  20. I don't know i thought it said, say mysterymachine has won the item or used the buy it now option or something like that.

    And with a name like that he gotta be gay lol