2003 cobra blower belt/pulley help

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BullittStangV8, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. im want to buy a blower belt/pulley for a friend with a 2003 cobra. i would like to get 40 hp from it, but the stock tune still needs to be used. should a smaller belt be used? or a pulley? which is better? also how much, and where should i buy it?
  2. Hmmmm..... Getting 40 extra horsepower from pulley is not a problem, but adding a pulley without getting it dyno tuned to ensure the A/F is still safe is DANGEROUS! I would take that chance...

  3. Don’t do it without a good tune! :nice:
    I learned the hard way. :bang:
  4. thanks for the advice so far. is there any belt or pulley (okay less then 40 hp) that can up the boost without a new tune?
  5. Depending on what the A/F ratio is in the cars CURRENT condition, you MAY be able to get away with a pulley swap down to a 3.10 in. I have heard owners say they were able to run a 3.10 without having to richen up the A/F. But why take that chance with a $10,000 motor? You're just playing with fire and the warranty that way.

    I guess people are really drawn to the fact that a $75-$100 pulley can add so much HP/TQ to this car! It is a VERY good mod HP per $$ wise there's no debate on that...but do you really want to chance it?

    Go buy your buddy a good CAI instead man. He'll get 15-20 HP/TQ gains from that and it'll increase the blower whine... best of all, IT'S SAFE!

  6. which CIA do you guys suggest then? the densecharger? i have it on my bullitt and like it. I read an article in 5.0 mustang that it gave the best hp gain. Ive also seen the Jonny lightning one on a cobra. How is that cai, and how much does it cost? (where to buy)
  7. I ask this same ? and wjfawbo gave me this link( http://www.4filters.com
    and I put it on and it is great , I could tell a big difference.Look on page 5, air intake post and it will tell you the model I think it is 63-1051. It was 169.00 shipped. It took about 12 days to get it.
  8. If I had to do it again I would go with the STEEDA cold air. I’ve seen the results on some other 03 personally. :nice:

    I like what I have but the larger mass air was a butt to tune.