Expired 2003 Cobra Exterior Body Kit

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  1. 03 Cobra body kit 174.JPG 03 Cobra body kit 153.JPG 03 Cobra body kit 165.JPG 03 Cobra body kit 162.JPG 03 Cobra body kit 163.JPG Selling a 2003/04 Cobra mustang body kit, Black in color,all original Ford parts and in excl condition.

    03 Cobra front bumper with foglamps,bezels,chin guard and nose grille $475.00
    03 Cobra rear bumper with custom polished "COBRA" lettering included (slight crack on one side of bumper easily repairable) $old
    03 Cobra rear spoiler with perfect unbroken brake light $old
    03 Cobra side skirts $old
    03 Cobra side scoops $old
    03 Cobra driver & passenger folding door mirrors $old

    I can also be reached at; [email protected]
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  2. Cobra side skirts, spoiler and side scoops are $old!
  3. Cobra rear bumper & mirrors are $old!

    Front bumper is all that's left.
Thread Status:
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