2003 cobra only driven around the block

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  1. went to buy a cobra one day.my wife let me drive it on the way home. I asked her please let me take it for a short ride,just around the block,I will be right back,,,,,,,,,,,,check the mileage out
  2. I need a magnifying glass 'cause those pics are microscopic!!!


    P.S. This is not tech and should have been posted in talk.
  3. really cant see just tell us how many LOL any stains on the seat ?
  4. sorry about pics

    im sorry about being in tech, ill have to watch not to do that again. but about the miles and stains.......192,157.1 and im not sure how to answer to the stains.......
  5. dang. 4K mi a month. ever heard of a DD?
  6. daily drivers?

    everyone smiles at a garage kept car that just sits.your cars story is dull....my last car was a 1986 olds 442..850,000 before putting to rest.this car is remember by so many people....this cobra of mine has been great hope to make it to 500k...its also cheaper to rebuild this car than to pay for just gas and insurance for 5 yrs on a new cobra.....DO YOU THINK I CAN NOW DRIVE ANYTHING OTHER?????????
  7. Who's story is dull? :scratch:

  8. I think there are some communication issues here... :)

    Let's see some pics of the Cobra hotcobra03! :nice:
  9. I'm still waiting to see a decent picture of the odometer...
  10. Sorry.... not intentionally trying to bust your nards man... :D

    Only reason I'm so interested in seeing the odometer picture is because if you really have that many miles on your '03 then it's a record in the terminator community! :nice:

  11. So the real question is How does it run with near 200K on it? and do you have any Mod's done? or is it stock?

    I would love to know the story!


    Daily driving an '03 about 3K miles a month!!!
  12. Me too!
  13. nice to meet other ball busters

    dude........ i love the ball bustin,,helps to keep things real im just as shocked about the car as everyone else...i just rented a charger to go to ohio for easter.ran like **** rattled like hell and after 5hrs driving i needed a pillow under my ass..everyone said save on gas.....26mpg-vs-23mpg 2hp-vs-404 well it felt like 2.......honestly it ready for a tune up..i would rate it 85%..i live in deep south texas and we have country dirt roads..the bumps would rattle out your teeth,,and the dust storm will choke you...car is very stock.....its very embarrinsom just to tell..it will be fastier to say what has been changed..exhaust,bbk long tube,bbk off road x pipe,blowmaster catback..sounds to rasppy for me..kn air filter ,predator........power was dynoed around 170k at 404/408 with predator tune,,,,broken parts.....left door power window 4k,left side head 60k. ,brake pads 75k...heat exchanger.85k damn rocks ...alt.100k,battery 110k.throw out bearing/bearing retainer.140k.installed new clutch from ebay...nothing was right.im planning to put orign. back in soon. rear diff. rubber mounts,,installed steeda,,bad move, rear blew out,,think thier might be problem with pinion angle changing..installed used 327s car needs more gears anyway..bad choice cant get out of 3rd without speeding..4th lugs around 60..rear blew again.installed 373...not happy..maybe 331? or change 6 gear ratio. starter 192k..other than more oil more brake pads 2 sets of plugs more rubber more rubber thats it eveything else is orig
  14. Was that 404/408 measured on a Mustang dyno or are you using the "canned" Predator tune? Reason I ask is your HP/TQ is a little low for those mods.

  15. Thats very good for the Mileage!!!!!! I am impressed... and considering a Cobra for my DD!!
  16. tell me more?

    not sure ..the car was tied down to a big roller..ran 3 times.1-stock tune 2-predator mild mod 3 -with pulley tune 2 was the best ,,these numbers are at the wheel,,and unlike my buddys ls1 no smoke on dyno,,just alittle when slowing down. maybe u can help with some better info? cant afford blowzilla now !!!!!!
  17. hoookded on fonix workd fo ME!
  18. still waiting for pic of car?
  19. Wolfman has nards :jaw: