2003 Cobra rebuild

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Oregon, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. All, I need some opinions weighing in here, I have a 2003 cobra with 27k on it that was in a rear end collision 5 years back. I was in the Car. I have been working with a body shop and have had the complete rear of the car replaced...from the roof to behind the rear seat seam, all new. Car is measured and straight. I am now at the part of buying a new front bumper, rear bumper, and spoiler. Question here is do I put it back to a Cobra...or put the Saleen or Roush type kit on it. I am swaying toward the saleen kit from stage three...Everything is still cobra except for that part, and the oem replacement cobra parts are not the cheapest. Thanks
  2. That is pretty low mileage if the engine and drive train are stock then keep the body stock to maximize resale value.

    If ya already started modding it then no need to turn back now.
  3. Good advice Kilgore. Do what you want unless it is stock motor.