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Sep 3, 2000
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2003 Cobra Convertible
Redfire Exterior Color
Black cloth top
Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather
68k Miles
Price is $21,500
Located in Hoover, AL
Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination
Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL
I purchased as second owner at Woody Anderson Ford on January 10th 2006 with 37k miles
The vehicle was all stock minus a hurst shifter when purchased
I did not keep the original SVT satin finish wheels due to some curb rash, it had original tires.
I have nearly every SVT and original item that came with the car
1. Original window sticker (can be pealed and stick if wanted), unfolded and framed just like new
2. Original SVT certificates framed
3. SVT Book in original container unopened (very rare)
4. SVT Booklets that come in glove box
5. 2003 SVT Cobra Brochure
6. Both keys included
7. I am sure I am forgetting other items I have
Maintenance Records
1. I have the full Ford Oasis Report of everything done that you can review and its not much
2. Fuel filter changed every 10k miles with OEM ford filter
3. Transmission fluid every 30k with Ford brand fluid
4. Brake Fluid changed at 50k
5. Coolant Fluid changed at 40k after a full flush of the system
6. Heat Exchanger fluid changed at 55k, a new heat exchanger and OEM ford electric pump installed at 55k
7. Oil change every year (1k-2k intervals) with Mobile 1 5w30 6.5 quarts and OEM Ford filter
8. Coolant, brake fluid, power steering are due in the next year or so but all are clear
9. Car has no ticking as some of these have, I do not stay in the boost long enough to cause heat issues
10. Wheels are removed every year to clean fender insides and hand polish wheels inside and out
11. Under car is inspected and cleaned every year during oil change
12. Car is not driven in the rain or left outside at night
13. Water drain rails and passages are all clear with no issues and look like new
14. Oil measured on draining and no oil consumption issues exist
15. Rear Diff fluid was replaced by Ford around 20k miles
1. Climate controlled garage, never stored outside, never used a car cover (bad for paint)
Paint - Custom Detailed (Insane Paint, Pelham AL) paint was 95% corrected and sealed 2 years ago
1. A couple minor spots on front bumper and one small spot on hood
2. Small areas on side scoops and side skirts simply from driving
3. Areas on bottom of rear bumper behind wheels
4. A small little circle on top of rear spoiler under paint thats hard to see
5. Black chrome is all in near perfect shape
6. Front bumper chin spoiler is just about perfect
7. Minor spots on mirrors
8. Paint is brilliant and has amazing depth due to detailing and Redfire's paint make up
9. What I have told you is what you will see on every car with any miles on it
10. Underside of hood fully painted, most are not.
1. Headlights replaced with OEM Ford due to pealing that these cars can have
2. Black chrome is original and in perfect shape
3. Top is in perfect shape with no tears or issues
4. Top cylinders work great with no problems
5. Door seals and convertible seal are all perfect with no tearing
6. Door lock on driver side door is black with slight wear (never use it due to paint scratch risk)
7. Rear 3rd brake light is replaced and OEM most are cracked near screw locations
8. No windshield chips and OEM one with running horse on inside
9. I have the original windshield wipers with wind louvers
1. Slight wear, no tearing on driver side bolster (normal on these cars) its not gotten any worse since 2006
2. Slight scratches from cleaing on clear plastic gauge cover (normal on these cars)
3. Seat inserts are very nice and near perfect for a car with any miles
4. Door seals and door jams are all perfect no issues
5. Door alignment (convertable sag) is not on this car due to subframes
6. No issues on shifter boot leather near perfect
7. Steering wheel has no tears or wear marks
8. All power options work including 3rd brake light from light bar
1. AC and heat works great
2. OEM Alternator works great
3. Heat exchanger pump is replaced and works great
4. Clutch is OEM (shows how I drive it) and still works great
5. Brake pads on rear are original and front were replaced with new calipers (OEM Ford)
6. Review Oasis report that I have for anything that has been done to vehicle
7. Plugs checked and tq on install checked, no detonation signs
8. OEM Rotors front and rear
9. Hand cleaned engine, never pressure washed. Extremely clean and in great shape
1. OEM Bilstein convertible struts
2. New front sway bar endlinks for lowered vehicle
1. In 2006 car had front bumper/hood damaged by someone backing into it in a parking lot
2. Replaced with OEM Ford parts (hood/front bumper/chin spoiler)
3. These cars have bad paint from the factory, this new paint is much stronger and chip resistant
4. Paint match checked with black light and is perfect and metal flake clustering is perfect
5. This has been a car show cruise in vehicle, honestly ive only ever had it to 100mph once not interested in racing it
6. Original unused spare tire/jack
7. The car has been entered in the world of wheels 3 times and placed every time
1. Performance the car is shy of 600hp/tq at the flywheel with the 23 degrees tune.
A. Billetflow 2.93 upper supercharger pulley installed at 55k miles in redfire (very minimal wear marks)
B. Billetflow 3/100mm 1/93mm idlers installed at 55k miles in Redfire (very minimal wear marks)
C. Gates 75 5/8ths 8 rib belt installed at 55k miles still in great shape
D. JLT In fender Cold Air Intake, just replaced filter with new 5k miles ago to avoid re-oil gunk in engine
E. Borla Stinger stainless catback (hand polished mirror finish up to gas tank)
F. TR6 IX Iridium spark plugs gaped at 32 installed at 55k with 11 newton meters tq per factory spec (4 thread heads)
G. SCT X-Cal unlocked tuner with 93 octane tune for 23 degrees timing, 19 degrees timing and valet (and stock tune backed up)
1. I have ran 19 degrees timing with 93 octane in tank to be fully safe and avoid any detonation issues
2. Ed Bryan custom tune, dyno tuned for correct A/F 11.8 with all needed 03 cobra custom settings
3. Horse power was 472hp/493tq at rear wheels and boost is 12/14 psi
4. Injectors are within tolerance and MAF is fine unless its very cold outside then it may peg if redlining
5. Tune turns off traction control due to it pulls fuel and can cause detonation
6. I have dyno sheet and all emails with tunes from dyno sessions for you to review
H. JLT oil blowby filter on drivers side, no oil signs in driver side (no filters so all air is metered)
I. Afco dual pass heat exchanger
2. Suspension
A. Maximum Motorsport full length weld in subframes with seat brace at 40k miles
B. Maximum Motorsport caster/camber plates
C. H&R Race springs 720lb front/rear (26.0 inches ground to fender front 26.5 rear)
D. Stainless Steel Brake lines
E. Cobra 10th Anniversary front brakes (red powdercoated with polished Cobra letters)
F. Billetflow IRS rear brace in redfire to prevent rear cover leaks
3. Astetic
A. MGW LTD short throw shifter with orange handle and MGW shifter knob
B. MGW LTD A/C Knobs
C. MGW LTD Light Knob
D. MRT Hood Struts and removed hood prop rod
E. CDC Light bar with third brake light and customized so no CDD badge exists on drivers side
F. Stainless Steel rear bumper inserts
G. Ford ORM Rubber Floor mats in front and rear
H. Custom made True Forge Brand Mach 5 full stainless 2 peice polished rims (3,000+ purchase price for just rims)
1. Front 18x9 with 275/35/18 BFG KDW tires at 80% or more tread purchased in 2009
2. Rear 18x10 with 295/30/18 BFG KDW tires at 80% or more tread purchased in 2009
3. Custom front backspacing for perfect fitment at 2.95 front spacing with 2.25 inch lip
4. Custom rear backspacing for perfect fitment at 3.75 front spacing with 4 inch lip
I. Painted front and rear rotors for OEM look to prevent any rust, OEM rotors front/rear
J. I have a rare front end Cobra Bra that comes with car, but not used.
Original Parts
1. I have every original part that came on the vehicle minus the original shifter knob and shifter
I have tons of pictures and more information I can share. I hate to even consider selling it, but I am going to post this for a bit to see what the interest level is.


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