2003 Cobra Steering Rack...good price?

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  1. i can pick up a steering rack out of a 03 cobra with 90k on it for $175. anything that improves upon stock fox components intrigues me, especially if it comes from another mustang, and ive been reading up on this conversion. from what people say through my searches its worth it. i just dont know if its a good deal/too high of miles on it/what do i look for when i inspect it. i know to look for ZM but as far wear and tear. anyone that has made this switch i would appreciate some incite. thanks.
  2. I'd to it. Of all the SN95 racks to use, that one supposedly has the best feel.

    Keep in mind you still need a few additional parts to put it on a fox
  3. Out of curiosity, what else?
  4. You need a hybrid steering shaft as the connection between the fox and sn95 rack is different. Max motorsports makes one. Others may too. It's expensive.

    The rack plumbing is a direct swap, just need some new Teflon washers.

    Sn95 rack has a stiffer torsion bar, so when going straight, the steering has a heavier feel. When you turn, the feel is much better too. On my list of things to do.
  5. well, from what i have researched:

    maximum motorsports #MMST-13
    rack bushings
    appropriate washers, hoses that may need replacing
    outer tie rods, which is the part im a bit confused on. ive read that 93 taurus work, how well? i have no idea. like i said anyone who has completed this would know far more than me.

    i definitely got lucky. i just called up junk yards within 50 miles and they had one. i was initially looking for a 17" spare for my 5 lug conver. so on that front ill keep looking. but ill probably get the rack tuesday, i just wanted some advice.
  6. Sn95 racks are metric inner toe rods, while fox are SAE.

    You can just swap your fox inners and outer tie rods over to the sn95 rack.
  7. Perfect. i figure $175, WTF, its a cool fall project. it will give me more time to research. now i have to locate a spare. $150, everywhere i look. might just have to bite the bullet once i get my wheels mounted.
  8. If it is any help at all, i have an 01 GT rack in my 93, I love it compared to the stock rack in the 90 that I also have. As Mike said, the inners swap right over. No issue at all.

    for 175, i'd jump on it!!
  9. 00 Cobra R is the *best* rack, but good luck getting one. 03/04 Cobra is the next best, followed by 99-04 GT

    You can pick up a GT rack used for $75-100 pretty easy. It still feels pretty good. How much better is the Cobra rack? No idea.

    But just get rack, swap the fox inners and outers over, get the steering shaft adapter and some new teflon gaskets and good to go
  10. Where do you get racks? Ebay?
  11. eBAY, or boneyards.

    I've found some online yards selling the racks for $50 plus shipping. Sometimes they are v6 racks. Unknown if the v6 racks are the same as GT. Local yards have nothing but 6er's, but if i a GT comes in i will ask about the rack
  12. im sold. im going to grab it tuesday. ill get some pics ASAP.
  13. there was some miscommunication, the rack is at an out of state yard, but they are shipping it in. $200 including rack, shipping and $30 core charge. its off a 03 cobra with 90k and its in there A condition category. the yard where i purchased it is under ownership of a nationwide oem recycled parts supplier called LKQ.
  14. I've got an 04 Cobra rack in mine, seems pretty nice. I know that doesn't help much but I think you'll like your new steering feel.
  15. I am currently in the process of swapping an 04 Cobra Rack into my Fox, my inner tie rods went bad so I figured this was the best time to do it.