2003 Convertible Motor Half Working

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  1. Okay so my convertible top will go down fine but won't go up without help. What could this problem be?? What do I need to check to see why it's doing this... thanks in advance.

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  2. Check the raise relay beside the motor Which is behind the back seat swap it with the one below it they are shielded
  3. How can I get to it I've tried removing the fabric cover that hides all the tracks and such...

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  4. Remove lower seat just pull up on it, the back rest has two 10mm bolts at the bottom after you get them out pull straight up on it you may have to wiggle or move seat belts out of the way, from the inside the relays will be on the right side of the hydraulic motor, swap them as they are the same just one controls up one controls down if that doesn't work let me know and they are $60 from ford
  5. i am answering this for any of you who have an old motor that's working, but not putting the top up.... most of the 10-12 yr old convertibles just need motors to be serviced... pull your back seat,... loosen the motor and access the rubber stopper at the right end of the top motor.. take motor loose, stopper out.. tilt up about 45 degrees and add ATF fluid (dex II will work) to the motor... videos are on youtube if you need them.. use a plastic bottle with a long tip or a oral 10cc syringe to add the fluid until it starts running out.. this usually takes 2-5 ounces depending on the motor... do this with the top down... then cycle the top up and down 3-4 times to get the air out of the system.. then top off fluid again and plug... plug may be difficult to replace, lubricate plug and push hard... top should work fine after you get it all bolted back down.. requires a flathead and maybe a upholstery type removal tool if you have one..don't throw away that top motor!!! i did this on 2 different mustangs ... same results... it's just a hydraulic system..like a jack... it needs fluid..
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