2003 Focus - Battery Light; But everything checks out.

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by SRMobile, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. I've got a 2003 Focus that the battery light just came on. I've checked the battery and the altanator and when the car is running I'm getting 14v.

    Not sure what to do, I know the battery is getting charged so I have no idea why the light is on.

    Any input would be appreciated,


  2. On a friend's 2000 Focus, I was having weird alternator problems like that. After swapping the alternator and still having the problem, I found one of the wires in the alternator harness was barely holding together. With the wire disconnected, the alternator would kick out up to 18 volts at times. Try pulling the wire wrap back a few inches from the connector and check the wires out. Also, Autozone does free alternator and battery testing on the car.
  3. You might need to see if they are properly connected and clean terminals