2003 Gt Restoration

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  1. I have started a full restoration on my 03 GT. I am looking for a little advice on finding the parts. I am going to start on the interior and am looking for stock Door panels. Does anyone know where to locate these on the internet? I have searched everywhere and have found nothing.
  2. Late Model Restoration.

    Also Facebook has some Mustang groups that serve as classifieds.
  3. they
    only have them for 81-93. My friend was in the same situation as you and he had to find them on Ebay
  4. Ebay has some for a few hundred.
  5. Try the local salvage yards. Last time I went I saw a 1999-04 GT with the interior in it and all the plastic. Just have to clean it to get all the dirt and grime off from it sitting outside though.
  6. +1 on using salvage yards. The new edge Mustangs are starting to get plentyful in them and you can use exterior and interior parts from both the V6 and the GT. If you cannot find what your looking for and you dont mind waiting for shipping There is a an all Ford, Lincoln, Mercury salvage yard here in Jacksonville, Florida that I have used ALOT over the years and they have just about anything you need. They also ship. I'll post the link, hope it works from here.