2003 Gt Upgraded To 2012 Gt

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  1. Hey guys, a week ago I traded in my 2003 GT towards at 2012 GT premium and it's amazing. My 2003 GT had CAI, MAC longtubes, MAC o/r prochamber, and Borla stinger catback. It sounded amazing and I loved the car http://s355.beta.photobucket.com/user/russellwendel/media/PIC_0878.mp4.html :D .

    The new one is on a completely different level in everyway. I love the handling, the interior, the 6-speed, the Brembo brakes, and most importantly, the power :burnout: . Can't wait to throw some exhaust on this baby and get her sounding right. Thinking of going with either the borla ATAK or S-type (stingers). I just love the tone and they are also loud. The wheels aren't my favorite but can't complain with the stopping power of the Brembos. Does anyone know if any of the size AMR wheels at americanmuscle.com will fit? Any how, here are the pics.

    OLD STANG FIRST, she will be missed.

    NEW ONE, she will be loved.

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  2. not a bad looking ride
  3. Looks awesome! Congratulations!
  4. Love those new S197's in silver. Nice upgrade. Hard to fault you at any level on that one. :nice:
  5. Any guilt when you traded your 03 GT? I didn't eventhink about trading in my Esmeralda when I got my SS...it would've killed me to see her go.