2003 Mach 1 P1sc

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  1. I installed a P1 in my Mach with a 3.85 pulley. (bought kit used) It took me three months to complete working on it after work,(plus instructions SUCK and I had never doe anything like tis using just a small tool box lol) I brought it to Kurgan in Atlanta for dyno tune..



    14' timing, A/F 11:1 at WOT, 9 lbs boost, Fuel pump at 82% duty cycle

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P5_lqFz3ZY&feature=youtu.be

    Sorry about end, forgot to zoom out!!

    The car:

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  2. I am a little jealous. Nice numbers. What other mods to you have besides the ProCharger?
  3. Thanks for the props. Lets see: maganflow offroad x with magnapacks, 3650 rebuilt,zoom stage 2 cltuch with Steeda quadrant and adjuster, steeda Tri AX, Richmond 4.10 with rebuilt lok,KYB 4 ways in front with coil cut out, strange 10 way in rear, 1/2 coil cut with UPR upper/lowers, then alot of non motor stuff like you(struts for hood, sequentials, StreetGlow Purple neon, etc. What were your numbers?? We had to dial it back since it wanted to keep going, but I want conservative tune for longevity!! I gotta go to bed, work 11 PM to 7 AM, will check back in..have a great day!!

    #39lb injectors, Walbro 290 lph with drilled canister, 40A Kenne Bell BAP, MAF is slot HPX with stock TB.
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  4. Great numbers. Procharger FTW!

    You could still probably throw a little more timing at it but I understand wanting to keep it safe on the stock motor.
  5. Thanks, forgot to add motor has 129,000 miles as well, but runs strong and not DD, but no trailer queen either!!
  6. Mine put down 390 rwhp at max. I don't remember the torque numbers. The conservative tune I actually use makes 371 at the wheels. I just finished a new round of mods with headers, bigger tb, fuel pump booster, and a smaller pulley. Going for a re tune next Thursday.

    Glad to hear its not a trailer queen. Kind of sounds like your car gets driven about as much as mine does. Its got high miles but drive I mine for fun. I drive it whenever I can, weather permitting.
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  7. Good luck on the retune and post an update :)