1. Just curious, how would a nice low milage 2003 mach 1 compare to a fresh 302/306 with a top end kit in my 94 gt conv? Jusy curious because I just checked one out and its mint and really nice 45k on it and he wants about 10-12k. And my 94 needs a lot of work. So I'm just trying to figure out if I should put all this work into my 94 or just sell it and get something like the mach 1. Or even a absolutly perfect 2003-04 gt. With low miles. That needa nothing. I'm almost leabing towards the newer nustang. I like my 94 5.0. The 5.0 is an awesome engine but the newer stangs are pretty nice too haha I'm having trouble here
  2. Is this a rhetorical question? Sure seems like it.
  3. No just a dumb question. I'm just gonna stick with the 94. Ill be happier with something I built exactly how I want it. I think a real nice 5.0 Sn95 is more rare then a any of the other considerations. Plus I feel like I can make the 94 into a meaner looking car then the 99+ but that's just my opinion.
  4. You can make a refridgerator meaner than any car if you wanted.

    Up to you what you want. I have a soft spot for Mach 1's however.
  5. I had a Mach 1 I never really connected to the car. I will however say I did drive it HARD and it never once complained. 4.10's and a little suspension and it was a blast.

    With that said I still prefer the Fox pushrod set up/
  6. Its a gorgeous car. Mint too. I've decided the only way I would buy another car is if it was a 94-95 with everything done already. There two on CL right now both supercharged and really nice one is a cobra with a tfs topend and a s trim. The other is a saleen replica with a superchared 5.0 or a 351 he didn't make it clear. The way everthing else on the car was to spec I wouldn't be surprised if it had the 351 in it. Both cars done professionally for sale in the 10k range. And I figure that's prob what I'm going to be what I spend to make my 94 into what I want without the supercharger lol. So I'm just going to continue saving money and decide when its time.