2003 Mustang GT: Directions to change the spark plugs without taking off the fuel rai

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  1. i've heard from several peple you can change the spark plugs without taking off the fuel rails (and hence all the headaches that come with that).

    Can anyone point me to or write up some directions on how to do that?

    As near as I can see, I'll have to take off the air intake to get to the plugs on the passanger side of the car.

    But what is the procedure to get tot he spark plugs?
  2. Im not sure about an 03, but on my brothers 02 we just unplugged the COPs, removed the torx bolt( i think it was a t20 but im not positive), pulled out the COPs and swapped the plugs. The rails werent in the way and we did one at a time so we didnt mix up the COPs(not sure if it even matters)
    hope this helps
  3. The Bullitt write-up is a good one. The fuel rails don't interfere with the COPs. Once the retaining bolt is removed, the COPs can be easily wiggled out from under the rail. The long bit that reaches down to the plug is very flexible and allows the COP to be tilted away from the fuel rail as you lift it out.
  4. No need to take off the fuel rails. When the 7mm COP bolt comes out, pull the coil out and you will see the hole is on a much different angle than it looks like coming out of the head when the coil is off vs. when it is still on. Just pull off the CAI and it will be simple.
  5. You know, taking off the fuel rails isn't bad at all. I never had to do it to change spark plugs, but in case you ever do for some reason, don't fear it. Just pull the fuel pump fuse, start the car, run it till it dies (won't take long), pop the quick disconnect off, and remove the 4 bolts. Easy as pie.
  6. just for reference, the part numbers in that writeup are obsolete. the current spark plug number fitting build date 18sep2000-11may2004 2v is SP-493. the number using the old spark plug numbering system is AGSF-32PM
  7. Canging the plugs on the 5.4 in my 03 F-150 FX4 was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY harder than changing plugs on a 4.6 2v Mustang is. No need to remover fuel rails. Get yourself a 7mm recheting box end wrench for a couple of them . Your life will be so much easier if you do. Well worth the $14 i spent on mine.

    Don't forget to put a tiny bit of anti seize on the threads of the new plugs and make sure you take the old ones out when the engine is stone cold and you won't have any trouble.

    And whatever you do- DON'T OVER TIGHTEN THE NEWS ONES! :jaw:
  8. You dont need to remove the fuel rails, just use a swivel where needed.
  9. This link was perfect. I've never changed plugs before and this link pretty much made the change idiot proof.
  10. There should be some type of test to register to the site.
  11. first time i changed plugs on a mod motor.
    i thought id'd need. to remove fuel rails as well, 'NOPE' as alot of the guys said,
    just remove COPS, and you'll have plenty of room.

    FYI, when i took off my coils. the spring had popped out of one my coil wires.
    no need to panic, just wipe spring clean and put it back in coil wire,

    much easier the then doing a plug job on an, LS-1
  12. Holy bringing back an old thread Batman.

    In all seriousness, whoever first mentioned that you had to remove fuel rails back when mod motors first came out needs to be shot multiple times and thrown into the ocean. I dont know how many calls i get at work (see sig) from people saying they read online that they had to pull the rails to do plugs and they want new o-rings for the injectors.
  13. To his credit he searched and found what he was looking for and for that I thank the OP. We certainly need more people to make use of that function.

  14. I always use a long extension and a swivel. Be sure you maintain that swivel in a least bend position.
    Make 100% sure you blow out the spark plug wells before removing plugs with compressed air. (Air in a can is fine.)
    Use a torque wrench to replace.