Expired 2003 Mustang Gt - Gunmetal Grey - Lots Of Extras, Must See!!!!!

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  1. For Sale:
    2003 Mustang GT
    Gunmetal Grey, custom paint job (ghost flames, see hood picture)
    5-speed trans
    75,804 miles
    asking 9,200 / obo


    Custom Paint
    Shorty BBK Headers
    BBK short throw shifter
    373 Rear end
    Flowmaster cat-back; also comes with an off road x-pipe not installed on car
    Extra set of rims with car

    Additional details:
    Second owner, purchased car when it was 1 year old. I had one of my best painters do the custom ghost flames, looks awesome in the sun. Never been in an accident, great condition The only noticeable flaws are a few rock chips on the hood and a small scratch on the rear bumper. Some curb rash on wheels. I am the manager of Gerber Collision and Glass, and I have the car stored in my heated garage at work, the Gerber in South Holland, IL. Car was never beat on, absolutely babied, and always garage kept. I am selling because I now live in the city and don't drive it as much as I used to. Methods of payment are cash, or a cashiers check from a reputable financial institution.

    Contact Info:
    [email protected]

    DSCN5421.jpg DSCN5422.jpg DSCN5423.jpg DSCN5424.jpg DSCN5425.jpg DSCN5426.jpg DSCN5427.jpg DSCN5428.jpg DSCN5429.jpg DSCN5430.jpg DSCN5421.jpg DSCN5422.jpg DSCN5423.jpg
  2. More pictures. DSCN5431.jpg DSCN5432.jpg DSCN5433.jpg DSCN5434.jpg DSCN5435.jpg DSCN5436.jpg DSCN5437.jpg DSCN5438.jpg DSCN5439.jpg DSCN5440.jpg DSCN5432.jpg DSCN5433.jpg DSCN5434.jpg DSCN5435.jpg
  3. DSCN5439.jpg DSCN5439.jpg DSCN5440.jpg DSCN5441.jpg DSCN5442.jpg DSCN5443.jpg DSCN5444.jpg DSCN5446.jpg DSCN5447.jpg DSCN5448.jpg

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