Fox 2003 Mustang Wheel Nos

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  1. How did I do? $750 for the four? I have been watching CL and could not find a decent set. Saw a set sell for $800 really nice with tires earlier this year. found these on Ebay. To bad I'm not ready to go 5 lug yet, all do conversion this winter.
  2. What do they normally run new? I like those wheels, I think they are a good choice.

  3. Not really sure like the quality of these vs my current after markets.
  4. Bullits??? I don't think I would spend more than 400 on a set, but those do look really clean. Hopefully when you sell the old ones you can recoup midst of the cost.
  5. Man, you guys in america can get damn near anything on craigslist. We only got hookers and useless crap on our craigslist.
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  6. Damn aren't those like $100/ea new?
  7. Well, according to the ad at the very top of this page, (my version, based on my search history) 4 are listed for 599.00 from a company called N.T.O (New Take Offs)
  8. They were $100 new from ford, but long since discontinued.

    I bought 2 to replaced a couple curbed bullitt on my 2003 GT but sold the car and only got 1 swapped on. The other is still NIB.

    One day I'll either make a coffee table out of ot, or sell in in 20 years for $1000. :)