2003 Navi 5.4 32v - 1538 miles - New Sullivan, Canton parts...

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  1. FOR SALE:

    2003 InTech 5.4ltr 32valve Modular V8 with 1538 miles - pulled from a Lincoln Navigator, complete wire harness in perfect condition, ready for your Mustang, Rod, Rail or Buggy...

    New Parts 0 Miles
    Sullivan Performance 5.4L DOHC Intake Manifold with Water Crossover and Injector Holes - Powder Coated Black
    Sullivan Performance Throttle Body Adapter Manifold for Dual Blade Throttle Body - Powder Coated Black
    Sullivan Performance Fuel Rails, .070 ID, Blue
    Canton Racing Products 4.6/5.4 Road Race Oil Pan with Quad Baffles
    Canton Racing Products 4.6/5.4 Windage Tray
    MAC 4v Cobra Longtubes
    Misc. Brackets, Gaskets, AN Fittings & Hoses, all new

    Used Parts
    99-01 Cobra Flywheel tapped w/ 5/8" ARP Pressure Plate Studs
    03 Cobra Alternator bracket

    Package Sale Only, $3500 takes it all. Serious Inquiries Only Please...Call Hans @ 760-580-7983

    As received...

    Sullivan goodies....

  2. well well, guess whose having a kid? Time to move this motor... 3500 OBO, merry Xmas guys....:shrug:
  3. DANG!!!!!! NOW THATS WHAT IM LOOING FOR! to bad i dont have 3500 laying around or id take that off your hands today! sorry for :drool:
  4. its ok man, drool away... i still do :nice:
  5. Would you sell just the motor and factory intake?
  6. sorry, package sale only, and i dont have the factory intake.
  7. dang man... if only i had the cash! good luck with the sale though. looks like a solid setup
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.