2003 OEM front Cobra bumper

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by hookandpull, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. SOLD
    nothing wrong here
    nothing wrong here
    You can see hopefully on the fog light hump that there is too much clear.... Sanding it down should fix it. the flaw is towards the top of the hump
    on the passenger side this plastic tab is broken obviously
    This is a zoom out of the above picture

    So all in all the bumper isnt in that bad of shape. Since I have to buy a rear bumper I would just be stupid to not get the front bumper that Blue Oval offers as a kit and save a ton of money.
  2. Save a baby seal and buy my bumper!
  3. This bumper if installed correctly could enable a man to drum up the courage to grudge Michelle Obama! That is how hot this bumper is!

    Yeah that just happened...........

    In case you were wondering
  4. Make offers!
  5. What's the lowest you would go? $319 with free shipping on Blue Oval........
  6. thats also not an OEM bumper... I have a deal pending for 360 shipped through grey hound
  7. damn.. wish you was in Tx so i could buy it ASAP! its already the color i need it to be too.. PM me if sells fall through.
  8. Will do brother! The guy who is first in line is planning to repaint it red
  9. Since there's already 2 people in line I'll grab one off blue oval... I just want it to change the look of my GT, so I'm not overly concerned if it's OEM or aftermarket. Good luck with the sale, hope it sells quick! :nice:
  10. Sale pending...
  11. Im sorry it's sold
  12. ^ is not sorry
  13. <--is lucky to have gotten the bumper cover!
  14. Hater! Love the new Avatar J!

  15. :banana:
  16. Still loving it
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Not open for further replies.