2003 or 2004 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by My95FORD, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Hello to the Forum,

    Looking to possibly buy either a 2003 or 2004 Cobra. Read several web pages but looking to see your opinoins on which is better. If im not mistaken the 04 has the whipple supercharger?

    Opinoins and pics would be great....Thanks

    Or lead me in the right direction....Thanks:SNSign:
  2. They are identical except in 04 they offered the mystichrome paint job.
  3. I should probably add that neither came with a whipple. They both came with the Eaton.
  4. Thanks.....i love the competition orange in 2004
  5. 2004 ! their were less made that year, making them more unique :)
  6. Hey i think ill do that...I want a competition orange one......blackend svt you have pics of yours? im in south jersey
  7. Torch Red or Orange FTW :nice:
  8. lol, let me lead you in the right direction...

  9. The right direction? Why do you say that?

  10. sonic blue is the fastest color btw and only offered in 03
    mainly cars were identical, some later 04's had a revised head and 04's are satelite radio capable
    also 03's had the stupid sunglasses holder over your head
  11. +1 :lol: on the Sonic Blue :D
  12. definately later '04 and comp. orange is incrediable! I get complements everyday.
  13. Buy an 03 10th anniversary! Only 2003 made!
  14. Stupid? I use mine all the time, like for the gas cap key and my garage door opener. I think it's pretty functional myself. :nice:

  15. I like the net :shrug: As long as there is something in it it doesnt rattle :D
  16. Go for whichever one you fall in love with. There are no glaring differences between the '03 and '04. Good luck with whichever you pick. :nice:
  17. i knew there was something different up there when i traded the 03 for the 04..
  18. either or, they are both pretty much the same car. the only thing i can think of, performance wise, is the 04 cobras have a slightly larger header size. this was to compensate for a rare engine problem in the 03s
  19. One of my friends had one in Torch Red, he has since sold it though after throwing on a KB and putting down 617 RWHP