2003 or 2004 Cobra?

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  1. You're joking, right? The exhaust manifolds are identical between the 03 & 04.

    Maybe you're thinking about the drivers side head issue?

  2. Maybe he's referring to the cats, I do believe they differ from the 03's. Ford made some simple changes to get rid of the gas guzzler tax in 04'.
  3. both years are nearly identical, so I say get something that is unique to it's particular year. Sonic Blue was only made in '03, as were the 10th anniversary edition Cobra that came in Silver, Red, and Black. In '04, they made the Mystichromes and the Copmetition Oranges, but good luck on the orange, they only made 72. Message me if you are interested in a Mystic, I know where there is a mint low milage coupe for sale that is 99% stock. Good Luck!
  4. What are you doing here? SVTP getting old? Anyways there are more differences that just what you mention such as the door locks. So you know of a Mystic that IS stock or that was RETURNED to stock? BIG difference...
  5. what I meant was, the mystic is very close to stock, just has an SLP exhaust and an intake, and I believe it's been tuned.
  6. I wish I would have gotten a Mystic they are awesome.
  7. I say Sonic Blue is the best. But still, lol at 04s having a Whipple.
  8. A 03/04 Cobra is a very nice vehicle to own.I know about the problems
    with the 03 Cobras having the drivers side cylinder head ticking.
    I have also seen fewer problems with the 04 Cobras though.
    Mystic is a beautiful color I think but,I sure hope you don't have
    to have any body or paint work done because from Ford the color
    Mystic is $300.00+ per. pint depending on where you go!
  9. Didnt They offer Mineral Gray on the 03's? Thats what I would look for
  10. meh

    All Terminators and even Machs have the problem not just the 03s

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  12. yea early in 03 then switched to DSG...
  13. Go with the newest car you can afford. If an '04 comes up in your price range, buy it.
  14. Stang Shifter Gaskets you will find all the info you need there. There were 13,XXX or so 2003 and just over 5,xxx 2004 built. I absolutely love the sonic blue, which is why I bought one. only 1029 sonic blue with charcoal trim coupes built!
  15. 2004s also had a different computer and slightly different heads, even though 2004s can still be had with the head tick.
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    was this meant for PM?
  17. There are a lot of rumors about terminators, if it is not documented in Iron Fist Lead Foot or on the terminator FAQ don't believe it.
  18. any body know the rwhp on the stock motor? i know the new 5.0 is around 360rwhp.
  19. The Termi's are about the same give or take 10hp in either direction.