2003 Saleen Cobra?

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  1. I was loking into the S281E but I was asked about the 2003 Saleen Cobra. I never head of it before so I went to the saleen site and it was nowhere to be found. I recently seen it on a site. Check it out. Anybody got any info on these.. specs anything?


  2. From my understanding Saleen doesnt do anything to the engine, new exhaust and X pipe. Minor suspension work and the body kit :shrug: Pretty much paying for the *****ty Saleen name.

    FYI... you might already know this... but for the same exact price you could get a 99 S351



    Good Luck :nice:
  3. here is a 2001 Saleen cobra it's all Saleen looks with the cobra engine.

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  4. Dont forget about those racing seats :nice:

    Saleen does an amazing job but why do they have to be so damn expensive. I would give me left nut to own a S281E or S351. I just can't justify the price compared to a 04 Cobra.
  5. I heard (From a friend) that there is a sperm bank in OK (i think that was the state) that you can sell a testical for $80,000 tax free. They replace it with a prosthetic one. I dont know how much truth there is into that :shrug:
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    Dude im meantaly there already.. you got an address? :rlaugh:
  7. :lol: Just tell everyone you are going to Los Vegas and say you "hit the big one" :D Nobody would ever have to know :banana:
  8. Is that one for sale :hail2: If so how much?

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  9. :eek:
    04 Mystichrome here I come!
  10. hmmm :D
  11. Now that i have said that... ford cant make enough 04 mystics :)
  12. maybe it's a custom job? like he bought an 03 and put saleen parts on it? :shrug:
  13. There is a 03 Saleen with a super charger. To me it looked just like a Cobra but only had 385HP. It didn't have the Cobra badging though. Cost: $42,000
  14. [​IMG]
    19s look good on this car
  15. Gene (vipergts281) and I saw one up at JD's performance north of Philly. I believe the owner said it was 1 of 6. Curt (cmemach1) has pics of it and hopefully he will post them later.

    if you are serious about it or want addtl info i am sure JD's will be willing to get you in touch with the owner. And get this besides the 03 saleen cobra his other car was a 01 saleen s281 supercharged vert.
  16. just for curiosty, what was HP/TQ rating for 99 S351???
  17. hey i live in Oklahoma and if that is true kiss my left nut goodbye haha
  18. Just under 500 for both. 495 HP and i am not 100% sure for torque.. ill see if i cant find out.

    EDIT here we go...
  19. :lol:
  20. Yup, the guy had a silver with black top 2003 Saleen Cobra. I was under the impression they only made 5 of them. But I just recently read somewhere that there is about 11 or 12 of them. :shrug: He paid for the 03 Cobra from the dealer. And then paid an additional $15,000 on top of that and had it sent to Saleen.

    And I think his other Saleen was a 02, not an 01. :D Either way, the guy had 2 silver vert Saleen's. :hail2:

    He said he plans on selling the 02 and he may buy a GT40. :eek:

    Hy dynoed at 475 rwhp that day I believe. He showed me a previous dyno chart where he got 471 rwhp. That car was definitly bad a**.


    As Saleen201 mentioned, the 1999 S351 was rated at 495 hp. :nice: