SOLD 2003 Sonic Blue Mustang Gt Coupe - Maryland $7000

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May 29, 2003
About: For sale is a 2003 Mustang GT coupe with manual transmission. I was the second owner of this vehicle in 2004/2005 and purchased it back in spring of 2011. It is Sonic Blue with grey interior. Has the Mach1000 stereo. Traction control. I live in Bowie, Maryland

Mileage: Odometer shows 123,xxx miles. 4.10 gears were installed with ~35,000 miles on the odometer and I purchased a speedo recalibrator to fix the overclocking of miles but the wrong part was sent. I sold the car and notified the buyer of the issue. Nobody ever fixed the issue and the car is still reading high on the speedometer, actual mileage is under 100k. I now have the actual part but it's not installed yet. I have driven this car less than 3500 miles since I bought it back.


Cowl hood
Clear corner smoked headlights
HID Headlights
Mach1 Grill Delete
Mach1 Chin Spoiler
Chrome Saleen replica 18x9 wheels (rear tires were replaced within last 100 miles)
Chrome rear bumper Mustang decal inserts
35% tint
H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs (Caster Camber plates installed)

White faced guages
Viper Alarm
Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS receiver CD/DVD player (is modified so that video will play while driving)

Performance :
Bassani SS Quiet Thunder Catback
MAC Offroad H Pipe (MIL Eliminators installed), *I also have a BBK Catted pipe that can go with the car for emissions purposes
Densecharger Cold Air Intake
4:10 Gears
Custom Subframes
Built rear (previous owner did this and I don't know the details)
Plenum & Throttle body
Short throw shifter

Fog Lights don't turn on - 99% sure this is just a loose connection where the button gets pushed since it worked before the shop installed my head unit.

A/C Could use a recharge although it does blow cold air

Alternator whines in cold weather until warmed up. Was tested very recently and is still good.



What is good about the car?

A lot! The paint is amazing, no dings no scratches...a couple chips but overall great. Interior is in great condition as well. Drivers seat has wear but not bad for the age of the car. B+ interior. Runs great and has been maintained well. Just got an oil change last week. It sounds amazing! Won't pass inspection as it sits because of the o/r pipe but I have the catted pipe to give to the buyer, this being Maryland you would have to switch them back and forth every 2 years unless you get lucky at emissions with the visual inspection. No CEL on.

Reason for Selling?

Priorities have changed, hobbies have changed. I don't drive the car ever. Just had a baby 8 weeks ago and when I get the chance to actually get out and drive somewhere on my own, I usually choose to hop in my comfy sedan and the Mustang just sits. i have a bad left knee and living in the DC area means traffic and I just hate having to drive a manual in traffic because it causes me pain. If I could put it in a garage and just sit and stare at it every once in a while I would...but I don't have a garage and I would like to free up the cash for a new camera body since photography is my #1 hobby and I have a new baby to take pictures of. That is the 100% honest answer, I absolutely love this car, enough to buy it twice, and I will probably panic the second the new owner drives away with it....but it needs to go to someone who will drive it.

Contact me @ [email protected] or text 301-385-3550

I am located in Bowie, MD and would prefer a buyer come to me as I'm quite busy these days with the baby.


Link to autotrader ad with more pictures.
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