Mach 1 2003 supercharger mach1 or saleen s/c

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  1. so im going to ask this question in the saleen and the mach1 forums and im pretty positive what each one is going to say but here it goes.
    if you could get a saleen s/c or a mach1 that had the eaton conversion which one would you go with if all things were equal. mileage 45,000 , year 2003 , rwhp 400 , 5-spd , exhaust , tune. the only difference being the mach1 is $14,000 and the saleen is $17,000. the saleen is SOHC and mach1 is DOHC, the mach1 should have a stronger motor but the saleen should be cheaper to work on. the saleen is a more limited edition car but not alot more. and what would sway youre decision either way?

  2. Unless your in it for the collectablility of the car (Saleen), get the Mach 1. Bank the three grand difference, and down the road, forge the bottom end of the Mach's 32 valve motor, and crank the boost up!
  3. starting from a stock saleen or a mach1 with the eaton swap, which one can be made faster for the least amount of money? i like the look of both but the saleen looks sleaker but the mach looks meaner. i think the mach1 can be made faster for the same or less, but im not sure. i want to get 500+ at the tires. and i want something that stands out.
  4. If you're starting out with stock cars, you're going to have to forge the bottom end to get 500 wheel horsepower, at least on the Mach 1. I have no idea what Saleen does to the 2 valves in their cars, but I don't think they are fully forged. The next question I have to ask at this point is, if you have to forge the bottom end anyway, why go with an Eaton conversion? I would (and did!), go right around that headache and start looking at Whipples, Kenne Bells, Procharges, and turbos!
  5. listen to the guy with the mach!
  6. Though this a thread is old, i wanted to put my 2 cents in, and my VOTE is for the MACH 1 HANDS DOWN~!! "why?" because i have one and here are some videos and my cardomain page for you to check out as an example what a Mach 1 can be ....

    My mach is safelt tuned to a mild 624 RWHP ( by Dez Racing) and Its Stroked, Blown and F.U.C.KING FAST!!! ( only thing stock on this Mach 1 is the paint and interior, and i hardly think a 2v Saleen can touch this (forged botom end) Mach 1 even if the heads were ported and it was blown .. I say Saleen is a "cute" stang to have, for me i went with "having BIG BALLS" instead, All "sleeper".. check it out...

    YouTube - 2003DSGMach1's Channel
  7. Love your car man! You did an excellent build on it. If you ever get farther down the Eastern seaboard, we have to get together for a beer, at least! :nice:
  8. the mach 1

    the mach 1 from stock is going to be your better deal also you save some money and the mach can do more for you. also the 4v is a better motor than a 2v. get the mach will be more fun and you will be happy in the long run
  9. My vote would definitely be for a Saleen, but my opinion is a little biased.
  10. Go for a Terminator... SVT baby!!! There setup will smoke the mach and Saleen with a few simple mods!!!
  11. i went to Pony Wars in Valdosta, Ga. a few weeks back and was hoping to see some of the mach 1's running but there was only one or two there and they didnt race. my2003mach1, that car is awsome that is exactly what i want to build down to the color and everything. what are you running in the 1/4mile? im getting my IT certifications so hopefully i can get a new job that pays more twards the end of the year, then im gonna get serious about getting one. i even thought about getting a fox car for cheap that needs some some work just to have a car. the guys i went to ga. with are running low 10's and low 11's with their cars (both fox's) and the terminators sound cool with the supercarger whine but for the cost of the car i would rather build a mach1, i have to start off spending the least amount i can. plus my wife has a 96 cobra so the svt part is covered.
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