2003 v6 base starting Issues, wont turn over!!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by KiefUrban, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. So I'm new to the forums so I apologize if there are numerous posts on this but heres the deal.

    So I got a 2003 Base V6, its been garaged since late october in cold storage. I live in Buffalo ny so its been really cold. I have a '98 park avenue that was my winter car but needs the head gasket replaced, and since I'm not trying to put any more work into it, I decided to take out the mustang because well I need a car to get to work amongst other things. Well I go to start it and the battery was dead so I had to wait, finally its charged and then I go to start it, it cranks but doesn't actually turn over. Now the theft light was blinking but not when I had the key in. I tried swapping out the ignition coil (was going to anyways) but no luck, tried turning ignition on for a minute but not actually cranking it, then trying to crank but no luck. I also tried disconnecting the battery but no luck. I got the car used with one key, no starter issues other than when I had to replace the battery at the end of april last year. Now my dad and the guy whos garage I'm using believe its more than likely the lines being frozen. I definitely think so also (had a quarter of tank) but want to be prepared in case thats not the case. Even tried resetting fuel pump relay but it was already pressed down.

    Now I ask you Forumgoers, what may be the problem.

    Also it has a pretty bad hesitation that i noticed before I garaged it, like pulling away from stop signs and lights I'd have my foot on the pedal normally but it would hesitate untill I took my foot off the gas for a second or 2 then itd be fine. ALready got new spark plugs, ignition coil, getting a new MAF and cold air intake. what may be causing this ?
  2. The issue may be surrounding the PATS anti-theft system. By letting the battery drain down, you may need to reprogram the remote to the EEC again. Being that you only have 1 key, it makes things difficult. You might be able to get a locksmith to come out and do this for you.

    BEFORE doing that, i suggest doing some searching and asking questions regarding the PATS system losing memory. You can ask on the 4.6L board as they use the same system