2004 3.8 to carb 351w gauge help


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Apr 8, 2020
Hi all I've ran into a road block and I can't seem to find a solution. I'll give you a run down of what I've got going on.

Currently I recently purchased a 2004 3.8 new edge. I'm in the middle of a carbed 351w swap. Physically getting the motor in zero issues. AJE K member and etc.


This issue is my most important issue with the swap. I've researched all over and have found I can use the stock gauges with the original sensors and the ecu still in the car. I'm keeping the T5 in it so I know I won't have a VSS issue. That just leaves the tach. This is the trouble I'm running into. I'm wanting to use all the stock gauges for the cleaner look. My drag car has all autometer gauges which is nice but, I'm not wanting to race car with this. How would I get this to work with the MSD? I believe the MSD is a square wave and the cluster on 00-04 is pulse, is this correct?

The autometer tach adapter is pulse in square out but, I haven't seen a square in pulse out.

Is there a solution yet for this?

Can I pull the tach out of an SN95 and swap it into the 04 cluster?

or run the tach lead from the 3.8 coil pack wiring to the MSD?

I really don't want to run an aftermarket tach if I don't have too.

Thanks in advance.