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  1. so I am going to luch and in the parking lot this bright orange 6 cyl. stang with all kinds of body kit stuff, a mach1 wing, 4" exhaust tips and 16" rims catches my attention and as I examine this thing something on the front quarter panel catches my eye......

    a 40th anniversary badge where the side badge would go....I about shat myself when I saw it....

    I wish I had a camera.

    so priceless :rlaugh:
  2. yea so what 2004 v6's had that 40th badge too go to hertz and look at all their mustangs
  3. Yeah, and? That's what's on the 2004s..
  4. All 2004 Mustangs get the 40th anniversary badge (except Cobras)

    I even think there is a 40th anniversary package for the V6. That car wasn't it, but it's different V6 wheels and stripes and a color and stuff.
  5. Maybe he's pointing out the fact that it's a new car and it's sorta riced out already... :shrug:

    But why is this thread in the 2005+ room?