40th Anniv 2004 40th Crimson Red - The Full Production Info!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sav0320, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. If you want more information for a particular VIN, let me know. I will not post that information.



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  2. Forgot to add some fun facts...

    Two convertibles were sold in Alaska - a V-6 auto and V-8 manual.

    Two went to Prince Edward Island. Who?

    A V-6 manual coupe was sold to a dealer in the Yukon Territory.
  3. WOW! Thanks so much! You rock. I'm one of 528. Thats amazing. I'd love to send you my VIN, do you have an e-mail address you can give me? Oh, and on a side note, I had the Stang in its first car show this last weekend, and with just a wash and wax, I placed 3rd in my class.

    On another side note, a question. Do you have production numbers for all 04 Mustangs? I have a buddy that has a Silver 04 GT, 5speed, trac/abs, mach 460 that only has 6500 miles on it. It still has the original tires on it. Its an amazing, perfect like new 04.

    Again, thanks so much
  4. No, only Crimson Red and Redfire. I no longer have the connection to get this stuff.
  5. thats some awesome info. too bad you dont have the connection anymore. i would love to see what you can do as far as finding out infor for black 40th anniv gt's.

  6. I could not find a way to differentiate black or white regular production from the 40th package cars.
  7. Thanks man. I got a 40th Anniversary in Crimson Red as well. And I been wondering and tring to find out the production numbers for sometime now. With everything I have on my car I'm thrilled cause I found out that I'm 1 out of 76 thanks for all the info it is greatly appreciated. :rock:

  8. Thansk for the great info. Can you supply me with my production number?? My VIN is 1FAFP42X24F108541.

    Thank you

  9. 1FAFP42X24F108541

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  13. Thanks for the great info. Can you supply me with my production number?? My VIN is 1fafp45x74f155303

    thanks, Andy
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  15. Hi there,

    I am so excited to find out my production information! I have been trying to find this for the longest time! The last 8 of my VIN is 4F157222.
    Thanks again!!
  16. wow! very cool breakdown chart, though I was a bit surprised to see so many Crimson Red cars produced. If I remember correctly, there was only about 5700 total between all 3 colors? I have been out of the stang scene for sometime, even though I still own my 04; yes Crimson Red, bought in Nov. 03 out of Jacksonville, Fl. Orig owner I am.
  17. Think you can tell me mine its 1fafp42x34f147168 thanks
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  19. production number, please

    Hi, sav0320! Just bought a crimson red 40th anniv GT vert from the original owner. Could you send me production info on it? Looks like it is 1 of 43 based on your awesome flowchart.

    Here is the VIN: 1FAFP45X74F136377

    I sent you a PM, but not sure if it went through.

    Thanks a ton!

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