2004 Auto Show in San Diego

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  1. I went today, and it was pretty cool. There weren't too many concepts, I can only think of 1 being there. I took some pictures of the 2005 mustang, quite cool, and the new viper, and many other cars, I took about 130 pictures all together. The Ford GT was there also, so I got a few pictures of that.

    http://vashstang.250x.com/05 mustang small.jpg

    http://vashstang.250x.com/ferrari small.jpg
    A flying car
    http://vashstang.250x.com/flying crossfire small.jpg
    Speed racer and his car (not edited)
    http://vashstang.250x.com/mach 5 speed racer small.jpg

    http://vashstang.250x.com/viper small.jpg

    http://vashstang.250x.com/ford gt small.jpg

    I have more of some of those cars, but I don't want to bore you, enjoy!

    edit: The place hosting my pictures is retarded, so sometimes you have to click on the link above, then wait for the error message and then click the link in that page and the picture comes up. I tried to just upload the pictures, but supposedly i don't have access to that feature.
  2. linkies no good