2004 cobra 24,000, too much?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by bobwb, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. 17,000 miles ,450rwhp, a few mods, says it should run 11s, never been to the track,no head tick . still smells new. garaged. 1 owner. should i buy? was goinn new 5.0 but this is nicer, hard to find 1 like this in wash. state.
  2. Sounds like it was/is a well cared for, one-owner 04 snake. Coupe or 'vert btw?

    Make sure it's the real deal of course (verify VIN through SVT, supporting paperwork, hopefully no prior wrecks, damage, clean title, yadda yadda; in other words ALL of the intangibles better check out for that asking price IMHO).

    Is it worth $24k? :shrug: Dunno, but some will say it's priced high just because this is a mustang enthusiast message board (LOL). :D You know how that goes...

    However, if you've been patient, done your homework, and searched high and low for a pristine 03/04 Cobra for several weeks/months and none have come close to this example you are considering, then give it strong consideration.

    Be sure to look through the classified sections on this message board as well as several other mustang message boards to compare what other 03/04 Cobras are selling for so you'll have a better feel for the Terminator market. These cars do hold their value well, but higher mileage ones can be purchased in the mid-teen ($14k - $17K) range IIRC...could save a few grand by buying one with a little more on the odometer.

    Personally, I wouldn't purchase that '04 for $24k because like you said, you are into new 5.0 mustang territory pricing (and what an engine those cars have, oh my!).

    G'luck ! :cheers:
  3. Waste of money IMO. $24k for a lightly modded used car that's heading on 10 years old and still sliding in price? It would be one thing if the depreciation had run its course, the car was 20 years old, and pristine for that price and holding constant there or going up in value, but that car's still going to fall in value for the next 5-8 years. No way I'd pay $24k for a car that old with that kind of short-term future.

    Like you said, you are getting into the new car price range, and the new 5.0 is the better car with the better motor, and it has a warranty.

    No brainer IMO. New car, warranty, no miles, no questionable history, amazing engine.

    Get the new 5.0.
  4. I have a buddy with a silver 03 or 04 Saleen twin turbo that makes 670 hp for sale > he's asking 28K if you'd like info e-mail me and I'll send you a link or e-mail for him > sorry to sale post in your thread.