2004 Cobra as daily driver?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by onrailz, May 18, 2004.

  1. I am thinking of buying a brand new Cobra as a daily driver but want to know if it will last if I put 15,000 miles per year on it. Also, if I put snow tires on it, can it be driven in the snow?

  2. i got mine for a daily driver, so far so good
  3. I don't see why not.

    I mean there might be some concern about these motors holding up once they get 50k+ miles.

    I think the main concern would be is the gas mileage good enough for you considering you need 91+ octane.
  4. totally fine as a daily driver. Even 500 hp+ ones with pullies, cat back, chip and intake are pretty managable. Stay the hell out of the snow. Even my mom's v6 stang is sketchy at best in the white stuff, I don't think mustangs like the winter.
  5. mustang's love the winter, they just need the right tires.

    Stock rubber + one slow flake = :nonono:
  6. I ran Dunlop Winter Sports on 98 Cobra wheels (1" narrower), put 160 lbs of salt in the trunk, and could have plowed snow with it. No problem throughout the Chicago winter.
  7. Yeah, my mom's v6 had winter tires and about 80 lbs. in the trunk, and a minnesota winter didn't mix too well with it. Baby that cobra a bit, give it the winter off! :nice:
  8. I have a 2001 cobra vert and I plan to drive it during the winter. I will leave it at home on bad snow days, but I will have no problem on normal snow days. It likely isn't much worse than my 92 cougar I had and it never proved to be a problem.

    Most of it is related to driving skill. I didn't even put weight in the back of my cougar (or snow tires) or in the back of my first mustang (79). Of course Kansas winters aren't that bad.
  9. My 94 GT can't make it out of the driveway in snow on the stock Goodyears. Blizzaks may help...
  10. ha ha ha yea put some big snow tires on that thing. then go with some chains. you will be good. Nah j/k but for real snow driving is not cool i about lost my camaro this way. I would buy a POS truck and drive it when it snows or after just because of all of the salt and chad and stuff like that. Damn state workers do not care how nice your car is they lay it down twice as thick. some times i think it is a gravel road around here. but hey i guess they do what they have to so that peopel are safe.
  11. Mustangs and BMW's are my two favorite cars in the world. I have owned two of each and they are more similar than you might imagine. I have a BMW as a daily driver right now and want an 04 Cobra as a summer car. I just hate paying for insurance on two cars. Decisions, decisions...

  12. I drove my 99 all winter long, no snow tires, no chains. BUT, and it's biiig, an 03 has a assload more power than my modest 281. Torque down low is what kills you on snow. I NEVER hit the gas until the rpms reached ~700 using the clutch alone. Gotta be careful, by the way, where do you live? If you live in Great White North or somewhere close, get the car off the road. You don't want all that salt and sand under your car, believe me. Hell, in Indiana alone it sucks tremendously.
  13. I live in New York City and there are probably 5 days per winter where you absolutely cannot drive a RWD car. I used to rent cars from Enterprise on these snow days.
  14. I had no trouble with my GT in the snow, I don't drive the Cobra in the snow because of the rust tho. You really need to know what you are doing however, its not nearly as easy to drive as a FWD.
  15. i drove my GT all winter long here and never had a problem :D
  16. Why would there be a problem with these cars after only 50K miles. Do you think the motors won't hold up. These things are bullitproof, strong as hell.
    If mine gives me problems after only 50k I will be really upset. :fuss:
  17. Oh no doubt they are strong as heck. I'm just saying, when you have a motor like this, theres a much better chance you will have problems down the road then a little 4 banger daily driver. For instance, with motors that run this hot, if something is wrong with your cooling system it would be pretty easy to mess some pistons up, etc.

    Not that I envision this happening, but it's something to consider if you plan to keep a car for high miles. Plus theres some people who have had their trnasmission replaced 2 or even 3 times. Whether that's from abuse, or what, I don't know.
  18. I personally wouldn't want a 2003/04 if I planned on putting a lot of miles on it. Ford isn't exactly known for reliability and adding a SC to one probably wouldn't help matters. A friend of mine had a SC'ed cougar and that thing was constantly in the shop with various SC related ailments. /shrug
  19. On the other hand, I reall ydo not think the lightnings have very many problems.
  20. I know guys that have well over 100K miles on there Gt's and have no problems with the car. The cobra has a blower, but everything inside was
    built to handle that power. They say these motors will handle up to 1000 hp.
    I would think as long as you don't beat on it all the time ( easier said than done ) and you do all the regular maintenance on it, having it for 100K isn't
    out of the question. :shrug: As far as going thru 2-3 tranni's already, that
    sounds like the driver is killing that thing or he can't drive. :nono:
    P.S.- as far as something going wrong with the car, that's what extended
    warranties are for. 6 yr./60K miles :banana: