2004 cobra powerplant in 1996 GTshell

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  1. Well besides the motor itself you'll need:

    IC pump
    Heat exchanger
    All associated plumbing for IC/HE
    03/04 hood or aftermarket hood which will clear blower.
    Wiring harness.

    I'm sure there's much more...


    Funny how the 03/04 motors were $12,000 for a replacement when they first came out... now they are down to $3500-$4500! :eek:

  2. a dumb question i know but what is an IC pump and EEC
  3. IC = Intercooler Pump. EEC = Electronic Engine Control a.k.a. computer.


  4. i have heard rumors about me having to change the wiring harness inside the car for the windows and the air and stuff. is that true??????? dont see why my controls and dash is the same as a 99-04.
  5. Yeah... that's what SVT98Snake said his buddy had to do too. I'm not sure why this has to be done.

  6. how hard is it to change the wiring harness inside the car (im sure it aint easy)
  7. youll prolly have to teardown the dash. not extremely hard but time consuming.

    and yeah, you will need the heat exchanger setup. i would get the lines and the pump, and go straight to LFP (lightning force performance) and get a larger heat exchanger and resevoir right off the bat.

    and dam, 4500 for blower to pan is ****ing awesome, but the accessories and **** are gonna nickel and dime you to death.
  8. does the 04 cobra have IRS and if so do i need one or can i keep my solid axle
  9. Yes the '04 has IRS and no you don't need to swap out your 8.8. In fact, many '04 owners have removed their IRS's in favor of a straight axle, especially if they are hard core drag racers.

  10. sounds like it would be easier to buy a wrecked 03-04 cobra and do the swap.

  11. FWIW - this thread is over two years old...