2004 Cobra vs. 2002 Z06

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  1. Ligenfelter SC bolts on to a stock C5 or ZO6 and will produce 470-550rwhp depending on which vehicle. It will only take a ZO6 500rwhp to trap close to 130mph. What does a kenbelle 600rwhp cobra trap?
  2. A 650rwhp 03 Cobra traps 137 :)


    My 458rwhp 03 Cobra trapped 120 on my best powershifting run. I can't drive all that well though. :D
  3. I also saw a 633rwhp @ 130mph on that list.
  4. I know you realize that some people aren't great drivers and others don't powershift. I run consistant 12.4s @ 115-116 bogging off the line in my car on street tires. The one time I powershifted, yanking through the gears barely letting off the gas, I trapped 120mph. My car is my daily driver, so I am not about to powershift down the track when I go.

  5. only old men that wont race drive vettes where i live. parts for the zo6 are insane$$$ stick with a car that gets respect, not the one i role up on to see the silver hair at 55mph
  6. mods? I didn't need hardly any mods to run 11.7s and trap 119. Took the lid off my airbox and slapped on some 315 BFGs. Actually, come to think of it, I went 11.69 (albeit, in mineshaft air). But the car would run 11.7-11.8 all day long, regardless of air quality.

    As far as mods, I finally went the cam route and I've really enjoyed the car NA. Tossed on some long tubes, dr gas xpipe and a borla stinger catback, and it sounds mean as heck. Nice lope at idle. Garners attention at the street lights.

    But that defintely isn't the cheapest route. My bud Wes T up here in DFW took an '02 car like mine and merely installed a NX wet kit. 125 shot. Completely safe 11.8/1 a/f ratio. On an otherwise stock car (and I mean exhaust as well), was trapping 128+ at Ennis (which sucks compared to HRP in Baytown). Off the hose, the car is completely stock in every way and fashion.

    As far as mileage, my cammed car gets 33+ mpg freeway. Almost 4 better than when it was 100% stock. These cars are pig rich from the factory (mine was 11.5). I have mine locked in at 13.0 now.
  7. :lol:

    Thats sad but true...its an old mans car.

  8. I'm reminded its an old mans car every time the mailman drops off the insurance premium. Amazing to pay less insurance per 6 months on the Z06 than I did on a 98 Cobra. :D
  9. god the interiors on the old vipers are just ass
  10. If you want to bolt-on a good power adder don't put a centrifugal blower on an 03/04 Cobra just go the turbo route because in the long run I believe it is cheaper. Reasons why: (1) When I had my Procharger on my 95 I continual fought with belt slippage and breakage. (2) The seals leaked after only about 10k miles at the least. (3) The Procharger fit was horrible and came so close to some of my wiring it burnt through it leaving me stranded once.

    On the upside the Procharger made great power.

    I still think a turbo is the champion of power production and reliability. Just think adjustable boost, no belt slippage, and no power loss from turning it.
  11. THIS THREAD IS A YEAR OLD!!! :notnice:
  12. amen

    6000FTSVT is right. Get the Cobra they are awesome and get much respect. I can't go anywhere in mine with out getting the thumbs up or people wanting to stop and look at it. Vettes are for the hold heads and who wants to buy a garage whore anyway. I wouldn't pay 40,000 for a car and sit it in my garage all year and bring it out just to got the speed limit. The way vette owners are by the year they get em out to drive em theres plenty of new cheaper stuff out that will keep up with em.
  13. First off, they are two TOTALLY different cars! One is a 2 seat sports car, and the other is a 5 passenger pony car. The Z06 in stock form, is faster and handles better. But like some others have said the Cobra can be nasty fast for little or nothing. I prefer Corvettes personally, but the Cobra is a very nice car. If you need a back seat, then go for the Cobra.
    Both are great cars, you can't go wrong with either.
  14. Better? better is in the eye of the beholder. I have a baby-daughter. I love taking my wife AND daughter for 'top-down' drives along the lake (in my 385rwhp NA cobra). So better is a very relative term... I work for GM and love the 05+ vettes, but cant justify the 'functionality loss' the vette presents. But IMHO, the 05 vette is one of the greatest 'sports cars' ever produced (especially when taking into account price when comparing to its competition). The mustang is the greatest pony car ever produced! Ya just can't go wrong.........unless you choose RICE. :flag:

  15. “Unless you choose rice” I would typically agree with that comment, but as of yet I would have to say my Comptech NSX-T is turning out to be the best sports car I have ever had, and I have had it all! :D
  16. You have had it all! How's the ENZO?
  17. I'm more interested to hear about the Mclaren and the Ford GT.

    Anyway, I think my definition of rice may differ from others. Please let me know your defs...

    Mine is....

    Kid has a slow car (most likely a civic or eclipse but could be a Mustang)
    Kid really wants speed, but mom and dad say NO and he has no real $$ to invest. He can't get the car he wants so.....to draw attention to himself and compensate for the tiny fuel effecient motor he has, he installs as much external and internal crap to his car as his tiny budget allows. Usually ill fitting cheap and easily damaged fiberglass covered in decals and stickers, internal and external neon from Walmart, a ridiculous sounding fart pipe, the largest penis oh I mean rear wing he can find and pulls off the hub caps to expose the factory "rims".

    Now to complete the package he drives like a flat out jacka$$ to prove how fast his civic is. No one races him due to the fact he and his ride are a joke but he sees this as road domination.

    This being my veiw on rice, an NSX is far from it as is the S2000. Made in Japan does not mean rice to me. Having a Civic and driving it does not offend me. It is treating it like a race car that does. Same with a V6 Mustang, nice ride just not fast. Keep it clean and I like it, actually respect it. The rest is rice.
  18. Great though!


  19. I don’t have an Enzo, but my uncle has one, and as for the F1 I don’t fit in it (couldn’t afford it anyway). My comment was generally speaking. I have had two Ferrari’s a Maserati, a Porsche, three Steeda Mustangs, Grand National GNX, Marlboro Cyclone, three show VW Bugs, Rolls Royce Silver Wrath 2, Mazda 929, RX7, Miata, and another fifteen to go but I won’t list them all. The point is I collect, buy whatever I like, not what may be cool to others. I have no problem driving a Ferrari on Monday and a Bug on Tuesday, even though some people in my neighborhood snuff me in the Bug. :notnice:

    The Enzo is a great car, lots of room for me (I’m a big guy 6’3” 280pounds) the bodywork is much better then the Porsche GT too. The front overhang makes the car pretty difficult to get around town. I am not and never will be big on the paddle shift cars.

    And I agree with you on your definition of rice. I have a friend that has a supercharged Integra and civic hatch back. Both are clean with no stickers and nice rims. I wouldn’t call them rice.

    The cliché is, “the V-tech sticker gave me an extra 10hp!” :nonono: