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  1. Yes, you heard me correct.

    I need to make a Mach One convertible clone. I had went out and paid for a used 2003 Mustang GT a month ago to do this. I am going to need LOTS of help.

    1. I am going to need the Mach 1 motor and transmission. Will thiis combo fit into the 03 GT correctly without major modifications?

    2. I am going to need a Mach 1 hood, this has to be a exact Ford hood, (I might be 18, but I am a perfectionist) I need to know how I can get ahold of an original Ford mach 1 hood.

    3. Spoiler, I need the Mach 1 spoiler, and badges, where might I purchase them?

    4. Mach 1 wheels, brakes, axle, I need. Where might I find them also.

    5. Mach 1 front end kit, I need to know where to get this as well.

    6. Super Charger kit for the Mach 1 if possible?

    7. A Roush Side exit exhaust system?

    8. A Saleen Roll Bar

    9. Interior, it has to be exact. Who could do this?

    I need this car, do be identical in every aspect to the Mach 1, only be a converible with side exit exhaust. I do not wanna come on as some punk kid if you will, that has daddy's credit card and no limit, but that is pretty much the case that we have here.

    Price is not an issue when it comes to this project, I went and got the 2003 GT just after giving about 40 minutes to the idea.

    I am going to need to ask for links, and more links, as to where I could get the parts that I am going to need for this. Oh also, number 10, Decals, they have to be exact Ford Decals.

    And just to back up what I claim in my signature, this is my 2003 Mustang GT Convertible, I do not have a direct photo of the car as of now, but its right behind the 1968 Dodge Coronet (Hemi) that you see in the middle.


    And this next photo is to continue to back up my claim in my sig, that is a numbers matching, totaly unrestored, orignal paint, interior, all amazing condition 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 with a 4 speed, the car has every option with a 440 that could be ordered, 12,340 orignal miles, its a 100+ point show car, that is why it is on jack stands, that is the only car that I have of my fathers. I own the Mustang, and the GTX, he owns the Hemi, the Yellow Charger seen below, and the Duster 340.


    My dad came very close to selling this on E-Bay, the winning bider flaked out, and that gave my dad a wake up call of sorts, so he decided to keep the Coronet.

    So if someone could help me out about making this Mach 1 convertible, I would love that help.
  2. classicdesignconcepts.com, recently had a mach I vert in their advertising in 5.0 mustang magazine, they have all the pieces needed, check it out, although they do not have some of the ford parts you are asking for, (engine, etc.)
    good luck, I was going to do the same thing.
  3. Awesome guys. Thanks for the info. Ill be sure to check them out...

    now, what ALL would I need to make this car identical to a mach 1?
  4. the axle on the mach is the same axle as the gt i believe...

    front brakes are same as cobra's and bullitt's so you might consider each one

    do not get CDC's shaker kit if you want authenticity

    is your car and auto or a stick?

    if it's a stick you should already have the tranny... which is a t3650

    you would need the engine... and a perfect place is a junkyard... although mach's are rare... on the other hand... there's a bullitt engine at a local crappy junkyard :) so there is hope...

    you would need the chin spoiler... look at ford for that

    the mach spoiler is just the same spoiler you have, but painted flat black... for flat black paint i trust my hand and a can of flat black from schucks :)

    mach 1 wheels... there are always take offs on http://www.mach1registry.com
  5. motor, hood, ram air intake, v6 badges for the fenders, chin spoiler, grill delete, side stripes, rear badging, mach 1 wheels, flat black stripe on hood and rear wing, mach 1 exhaust and tips, interior seats, gauges, IUP, brushed aluminum gauge bezel, mach 1 shifter ball....thats it....i think :scratch:
  6. Dude if you have that MUCH cash laying around, go and buy a used 03 mach 1 and take the parts off the ORIGINAL car then sell the rest of it and the parts off of the GT on EBAY.Your going to spend a ton the other way anyways so you might as well cut out the parts shopping.Another thing you should have considered in your 40 minute thought (LOL) is to have bought a REAL mach 1 then took it to a custom shop and had it made into a vert(including all the braces and such that verts have)...would have been a much better idea and saved you a bunch of time.At least that way you would have had a real mach, because no matter how much you change your car, it will ALWAYS originally be a GT mustang.BTW karkraft.com has auto mach engines and factory hoods.But just incase I say you go through Ford for EVERYTHING...they can get you original parts.
  7. oh, mach 1 suspension as well.
  8. interesting - good luck!
  9. Like the others said, axle and tranny are the same. You need a 4V motor, and if you want a blower and the scoop then it cant be roots style, but I've seen a Vortech hooked up to the hood scoop before with some custom tubing. Instead of buying the Mach 1 motor (unless you find a cheap one) you might want to buy a built one from the outset that can handle the boost. The Mach has higher compression which isnt good for blower apps. Try vtengines.com

    Interior parts are cheap and easy. Do it yourself. On the 4V you can use ford shaker parts, or if you used the 2v you could get the karcraft kit using the real hood.

    I was going to put a the shaker on my car, but the Kenne Bell is just too tempting I think...
  10. or buy a cobra engine and glue the shaker on :jester:
  11. Not all Mach 1's had the IUP package.

    Anyway, on the outside:

    Mach 1 grill and chin spoiler
    v6 side emblems
    unique hood w/shaker and flat black graphic
    black side stripes
    flat black rear spoiler
    Mach 1 badgng on trunk.

    Mach 1's have unique cat-backs with rolled exhaust tips.
  12. Don't forget the C-pillars. The Mach and Bullitt have unique ones! Seriously I would take the route of buying a real Mach. It would be easier, cheaper, and hold its value. Your car would still be considered a GT despite a total Mach appearance. Save yourself some time and money, buy a Mach. :nice:
  13. as stated above, why not sell the GT, buy a real mach one, s/c it, and make IT a vert. actually, i saw a stang with a targa top online the other day. very sexy. i think it was classic design concepts. i hope everything goes well man. and i really like the assortment of cars in that garage :D
  14. verts dont use the c-pillars LOL
  15. I was going to do the same thing to mine, but when I thought about how much it's going to cost I had 2nd thoughts. I'm no punk kid with daddys credit card. :D

    The rear axles are the same, but the MACH comes with 3.55's v.s. the Gt's 3.27's.

    Don't paint the rear spoiler flat black, it's actually more of a satin finish. I had mine sprayed satin black and people always ask me where I got the MACH1 rear spoiler at.

    What color is the car going to be? From the looks of the picture it'e either silver or white but it's hard to tell.

    Nice collection of Mopars you got ther BTW! :nice: :drool:
  16. yea stangparts.com is good, i was looking at a barely used mach engine a while ago. it is the whole thing, shaker to oil pan i believe. it might even come with the tranny. i think they still have it....good luck.
  17. You sure there's nothing better to do with that much $$$?
  18. This isn't exactly the best picture, but it's the only one I have downloaded right now that shows the rear spolier after I had it sprayed Satin Black. If you download it and make it larger you can see it a little better. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
  19. It's a vert...