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  1. If money is no object then why the 50K budget???

  2. Wasn't the sticker price for a '03 cobra vert about 42k ?? I'm pretty sure it was. I'm guessing 35k would've been one hell of a down payment. Better yet...I'll sell my '03 GT vert for 34K. :rlaugh: That way you would've saved a grand.
  3. 42K was for a 10th Anniversary vert.

    I wish I would have know you were looking for a drop top 03. I would have sold you mine for $30,000 with all the mods and add ons and only 7,000 miles. Then I would have headed to the local Ford dealer and picked up the Torch Red MACH 5spd. they've still got sitting on the lot. :(
  4. I think this is a foolishly wonderful idea!

    It is wonderful, because if they made a vert Mach 1, I would own it. But they, don't. Instead, I have a Black 2000 GT vert with a few Mach I touches to it.

    My sincere suggestion is that you just make the car the way you like it and do not focus too much on making it a Mach I. It will be worthless since they never made one in the first place.

    OR, you should have started with a used MACH I and just took the top off. Sell the vert, if you can and start over.

    But, now that you have the vert and you will probably loose your shirt trying to sell it, why not just make it look like a Mach I? You could add all the external stuff for a few grand and be done with it. Throw a blower and some gears on it, and it will smoke a Mach I. Imagine that, you could make a nice Mach I looking vert and add a blower for about $7k to $9k.

    I must admit, this is a fun thread and would be a nice project if it were not so painful to watch the money being poured down the drain.

    I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a young mother who has a four year old son with a life threatening illness. She is single and has now lost her job as she needs to stay 2 hours away at the hospital to be with him. She will be loosing her car and her house to care for a little boy who will most likely die in a few months.

    I am not trying to make you feel guilty, it's just that some people are as unlucky as others are lucky and this is my perspective (dealing with kids in these situations) almost every day. Hey, I have more than her too. Some people have more than others, that is what makes this country the land of opportunity, but throwing money away is soo sad.
  5. Most people don't know this, myself included until just a few weeks ago. Ford was origionally planning to build the MACH1 in a convertible and coupe, but they decided to offer them with an Auto insted of the verts! :nonono: The $hitty thing about that is the build ratio of Manuals to Autos is like 8:1. Imagine how many convertible MACH1's they would have sold! I'd have one!

    The above info was told to me by a reliable source who worked at Dearborn Assembly and now works at Auto Alliance.

    :nonono: :bang: That sucks!
  6. Holy crap. This is the funniest thread EVER! The Burger King/Whopper anology was so funny. Oh my God. OK, I bought a 2004 Premium GT with 187 miles on it in July for 20,999. And I've seen better deals since then! This kid is an idiot, and his parents are bigger idiots for not supervising him while he spends thier money.

    Last time I was "given" a project with a budget from my parents was when my Dad handed me 10 bucks and told me to run down the street and pick up a pizza from Casey's General Store. And, by God, he wanted the change back.
  7. i cant wait till this kid enters the real world.
  8. i have to give him props for having the longest thread
  9. Whoa whoa whoa....wait a second here fellas. You mean to tell me that Mustang GT convertibles don't appreciate in value as soon as they roll off the lot?

    He bought a 2003 one-year old for $35k...meaning the car appreciated approximately $7k from new.

    I bought my 1997 GT vert in 2002 for $60k. Do you think I overpaid? I mean I make that much in like two days, so I think it was a fair price since the car only had a couple scratches on it and stuff.

    I was thinking about selling mine because it must be worth about $74k by now. If I keep it a few years longer, I might take it to the Mercedes dealership for a straight trade on a new SL55 AMG :drool: Hell, they'll probably put a suitcase full of cash in the trunk for my '97 GT vert with 79k miles.
  10. Yo if you have any friends tell them i have a 2000 Mustang GT for sale with just over 50,000 miles on it. Tell them ill let them steal it at $20,000 personal message me for details. LOL...

    P.S. its gold just like bullion...

  11. Damn what is he going to do when his parents cut the cord,and lets him lose! IM 19 And have paid for every penny that has went into my 01gt,as well for everything else I want and own.BUt they did cosign for me. It makes me sick to see some punk not work for what he wants. Do they not sell a auto trader where you live,theres plenty of used white conv. in there.

    Ill call :bs: :bs:
  12. im not going to call BS, because there really are some stupid people out there. this kid is obviously one of those people.
  13. I can understand why some people would think that this is stupid.

    Sure, I admit, I did over pay, I was in a hurry, and I had never thought of making a Mach 1 a convertible by buying a used Mach and doing the "top swap". I might just sell the GT, or try to take it back, and spend the cash on a hardtop Mach 1, and work from that.

    The reason I have a $50,000 limit, is that if anything happens to the car, it would not bea huge loss, because when this project was done, the car would have had maybe $45,000 invested in it or less. And I spent $35,000 of the $50,000 on the GT... big mistake. So i have a little left, but wont spend it all if I dont have to.

    And dad doesnt really trust me anymore with a expensive car. The GTX he trusts me with because I dont drive it farther then 20 miles.

    See, I go to mexico alot, because my friends like to go party, and my dad once had a rare 1970 Plymouth Cuda Convertible that had a 440+6 in it (not original motor), and I took it down to mexico with my friends, and we parked it at a Hotel we like to stay at, and after we got our rooms, we walked out, and the Cuda was gone... it was stolen and never seen again. And everyone knows, exactly how much a 70 Cuda Convertible is worth, looking at over $80,000 for good shape, and this was a good 94 point car.

    This weekend I am going to take some photos of the Mustang, and GTX for you guys, to prove that I am not "bull ****ting" as you would. I will be in each photo holding a sign that says "STANGNET.COM" so dont worry, you will get all the photos you need.
  14. we believe you have the car, just cannot believe that you paid 35K for it like a retard.
  15. well believe it... I jumped on it because I am like that, I will buy the first thing I see.
  16. of course mopar guys are used to overpaying for parts anyway

    stangparts.com just get a big shopping cart and go at it

    just remember the original mach 1's 69-78? didn't have convertibles
  17. Yo fix my, did you even look at the link I posted for you?????

    I know it says Cobra in the link, but go there.....It has tons of Mach 1 parts listed. Whats nice is, even if you don't buy from them, you can get the actual Ford part numbers of items you may want/need....

    Good luck to you with your project...
  18. If whomever sold you that car actually takes the thing back and returns your $, they are a bigger fool then you are kid... :notnice: