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  1. :rlaugh:

    you really are an idiot. thats going to get you in trouble soon.
  2. how about you make your budget $49,980 and send me a new keyboard because I just coughed diet coke all over mine.

    Congrats on being able to go someplace and just put down the money for it, but that was not a "fair" price by any stretch. There's a difference between being wealthy and paying sticker and being wealthy and letting others take advantage of you.

    When you get done with it be sure to send me some pictures for the screensaver :nice:
  3. Mach is still for sale...
  4. Why don't I just post the same comment as Edcar01GT... :hail2:

  5. uhh, i already said that....
  6. this entire thread is unfckingbelieveable:notnice:
  7. I think you need to abandon this whole idea.

    A. With a $15k budget, you can't get all the Mach parts you need.

    B. If you trade for a Mach, you can't get it converted to a vert on the $$$ you have.

    C. Either way, what you end up will not be a Mach. A well done clone, at best... and that will get you scorned by owners of "real" Machs.

    D. You should have thought out your project much better. My Mach is supercharged, has many bells & whistles, and I have about $29k into it...

    Buying a car is like having sex... you don't want to shoot your load too quick!
  8. Dont forget the honey combs on the trunk hehe
  9. So I wont have enough cash? I thought it would be fairly cheap to make it a Mach 1 Clone... Then what could I do to this car?

    What should I do to the car, something you dont see every day.
  10. While this Mach vert might be a novel idea, once somebody like GaPonyFarm rolls up with a real Mach (blown Mach, that is), the attention will quickly shift from the "Nice, but there's else to be had" vert to the :drool: :drool: :drool: authentic blown Mach.

    Go > Show


    Dump all this appearance crap, and the whole "Mach vert" concept.

    You have a GT vert right now. Make a 10-second vert. On top of that, make a 10-second sleeper vert. Even with how much you wasted on the car, it's still a possibility.
  11. Why do you want to make it a mach 1 so bad? Why not a higher end mustang like saleen,Roush,cobra. I think you would be dissapointed w/ the results. Dont get me wrong mach 1's are awesome cars, and cant wait to buy one but, Just makes more sence to customize it to look good and fast. JUst get you a blower on the car and slap a saleen kit or something like that on it! W/ $10k into the car you could have a pretty nice GT. Just sucks you are already wasted about $16K when you bought that car
  12. saleen s351 clone :drool:
  13. Just buy a cobra vert and get a KB blower. Under 40K and one helluva car.
  14. Make it into a Bullitt clone!
    no...no actually please dont..

    For the cash that you have heres what i would do:
    Forge the block
    Bullitt intake
    Vortec T trim
    T-56 Viper spec
    buit rear and 4.10's
    31 spline axles
    FR500 rims
    Nitto 555R's
    Silver-red ghost flames
    That might be over the 15K, but you would have a sick car.
  15. I stil personally call :bs: until i see a pic next to this window sticker with a sign that say's "blackartemis is teh lose"

    7k alone on the engine and supercharger. Then 4-5k to forge it
    mach1 24k + 10k to make it convertable done right = 16k to drop into go fast goodies. No one is that stupid to have done what you did, NO ONE.
  16. Buy a 99 to 02 cobra vert. it's already got the 4V. Then put on Mach 1 parts. Could be done for less than 35K total.
  17. If you can get a 2002 Cobra vert, pay whatever they're asking. It's the rarest car evAr made. Gotta be worth something like $60k now. You should be impulsive and buy three. Then sell some real estate and buy a few more.
  18. :bs:

    02 Cobras are going for over $100K

  19. :eek: I can't believe this guy!

    I hate to say it but after reading the above I've come to the conclusion that you truly are in fact an idiot! But it's not entirely your fault. You're parents are idiots too and it all comes from the up bringing!

    Any [email protected] who would get a 'cuda convertible stolen in Mexico, let alone drive it to Mexico is by far a Bafoon! It's obvious that you people have more money than brains and should not be allowed to re-produce. I still like the idae of a drop top MACH1, but you're doing it for ALL the WRONG reasons. You're only doing it because you have the money to!

    You should change your name to Billy Madison! That was a funny movie but that's exactly who you remind me of. Loaded, but dumb as a box of rocks!

    I think you should sell the GT and forget this whold project and stick to the Mopars! From the looks of the pictures of them, you guys know what you're doing with them(or should I say paying to have done).
  20. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    its funny cause it is sooo true!!! LMFAO!!!!