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  1. If you check the paper shop from today out of NE PA, there is a 2003 MACH I 4 sale with 1,900 miles on it for $23,000.

    I will buy it for you, have the top removed and sell it for $50,000.
  2. i have a better idea...

    Holy crap!!! if i had 50 grand lying around I think i would drive down to my local ford dealer and trade in my 00 GT for a 04 Cobra. I would then slap a live axle on it, build up the rear end, and introduce the motor to my friend kenne bell. Of course throw on a couple bolt on's and one of those drivers side mirror decals that says "the fake $50,000 convertible mach 1 is losing".

    Of course this is just what I would do, call me nuts.
  3. :sleep:
  4. HOW TO BUY A 2002 Ford Mustang Cobra...

    1) Buy airplane ticket to Australia
    2) Tell an Aussie you want a 2002 Ford Mustang Cobra.
    3) Buy 2002 Ford Mustang Cobra.
    4) Pay to bring it here
    5) Post pictures of 2002 Ford Mustang Cobra on Stangnet
    6) After getting called bs on daily, you shoot yourself in the head.
    7) Family sells car and owner does steps 5 followed by 6 and so on and so on..
  5. blackartemis, I will not go out of my awy to make that sign, I have one i made that says "Stang Net.com" on it, and I am going to use it.

    And I am looking into MAYBE forgeting about this project, and getting another car that I dont need to mod, or a Kit car like a Cobra or something.
  6. get a lobotomy, and then go onto cars
  7. You go to Mexico often? Are you from Texas? Cus if so, I'm finding you and giving you a good ol' Texas ass-whoopin. You should know better than to drive anything other than a 1978 VW Beetle to Mexico, they steal ANYTHING down there!