2004 Gt Busted Hose

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  1. Hello all!

    New to the site and everything but I figured this would be the best place for support.

    So I accelerated pretty aggressively, no redline, about 5-6k rpm and some coolant shot into the cabin by the pedals and my engine started overheating within minutes.

    I got off the road and found that the hose entering the firewall was ripped and spraying steam/ coolant all over the engine bay (above the engine, mid passenger side by the firewall). I cleaned it up with some shop rags and noticed that all my coolant had leaked leaving a puddle near the radiator as well. My antifreeze reservoir was completely empty.

    Does it sound like the hoses just blew? I can replace those just fine but I wanted to know if you guys had any thoughts or suggestions.

    Thanks a lot in advance! And I apologize for my ignorance in mustangs/ cars in general. I'm here to learn :D

    Will post pictures tomorrow. This happened at night.
  2. Sounds like your heater core it may have burst if it had a blockage.... That's the only way you should have got coolant inside the car.

    You could try hooking up a garden hose and try Flushing water through the heater core and see what happens...just disconnect the other hose that enters the firewall below the one that blew.

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  3. Here is where I removed the bypass hose, cut above the rip, and reclamped it to the nipple.

    The car is running fine with no leaks, ther is no coolant leaking into the cabin and the defrost/air/ everything works fine.

    I'm nervous that the hose is too short now and causing tension. You can see the nipple going into the firewall is at an angle now. Also the hose is incredibly hot, compared to any other coolant hoses in the bay which are cool.

    I've ordered a new bypass hose, every store had it as special order, and it's an OEM motorcraft part only.

    Should I not drive this thing until I get the replacement hose? I'd hate to break a nipple (lol) and create a major problem over an easy fix.

    As far as the heater core goes, I'm not sure what symptoms there are to diagnose a bad heater core. I have no leaking and the defrost works. It isn't cold outside yet so I'm not sure if the core is shot. I'm also not familiar with it's location and if I should put a hose up to it since I've already replaced the coolant. IMG_20130824_144732.jpg IMG_20130824_171126.jpg
  4. Might be worth to flush your cooling system to see what gunk is actually there.
  5. Make sure the plastic nipple on the intake is not cracked. Mine broke off in the hose and shot coolant all over my engine and windshield when I accelerated out of a parking lot. Had to replace the intake.