2004 GT Heads+Cams for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by 88CougarMan, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. A little over 40K miles on them. The heads and cams are in great shape. Asking $300 obo. Will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. Buyer pays shipping. Will only accept PayPal.

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  2. these are romeo's right? how much for shipping to 32210
  3. I just got back from getting an estimate on the shipping. To that zip code it's going to be around $55 per box, and there will be two boxes... so $110. If the price goes up with extra shipping and packing costs, I'll eat those. So, shipped to you door, $110. And yes, these are Romeo heads.
  4. i am very interested . i have the money but didnt have a paypal account so i created one. i have to wait for them to verify my account and then as soon as they do ill let you know.
  5. That's cool man. Just let me know what you decide.
  6. Are these still for sale? Am interested
  7. If syc_stang doesn't tell me he will definitely buy them, then they are yours if you want 'em.
  8. I am wanting to put them on my 98 GT. These will bolt right on correct? Let me know if the other buyer changes his mind, am definetely interested
  9. I would search the 4.6 Tech forum to see what else, if anything, you would need to put these in a 98. I know for a fact that these heads will bolt right in, but I would ask about an intake. You might need the P.I. lower intake
  10. yeah, I would need a PI intake. Other than that they should bolt right in. Again, let me know if the other buyer falls through, if so then consider it a done deal. Just need shipping price to 47715 (southern indiana)
  11. hey man sorry for not getting back to you. ive been really busy lately. i think im gonna pass up on these heads. sorry dont mean to flake out on you but i had some other stuff come up that i need to spend the money on.
  12. Let me know what shipping is to 47715. I will take them if you still got em
  13. cdwininger, I'll run by the place later today, but I would venture to guess that the shipping costs will be about the same...considering the size and weight accounts for most of the cost. I'll get you a hard number tomorrow after work. Consider them sold. Thank you!
  14. sounds good, just let me know
  15. cdwininger,

    You have a PM.
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