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  1. I have looked on this forum and found people changing head units. I have looked and can't find harnesses for my 2004 Mustang mach 460. I see some people have hard wired there systems. I don't want to do that but if thats my only option then so be it. I will T tap them. Can anyone tell me the wiring sequence, colors that I have to tap. I have looked on the internet and at all the stores around here. I have bought several and taken them back because the don't fit my 2004.
    Your help is greatly needed.
  2. What exactly....

    are you trying to do? If you want to replace your head unit with aftermarket, and continue to use the Mach460 amps/speakers, you'd use the Metra 70-5519 harness (PLEASE call Metra to verify what you'd need...don't take my word for it 800.253.TECH ).

    There are Metra harnesses for about anything you'd want to do... You just may not find them on the Metra website (www.metraonline.com).

    Give 'em a ring.
  3. I'm trying to put in a new head unit. The metra link didn't help. I'm pretty sure metra doesn't make one for a 2004 Mustang. I think I need to T tap in order to get everything to work. I just don't know what and where to tap. I also need a signal converter. Don't know what kind or where to get one.
    I would be very happy if anyone can tell me how they did there 2004 Mustang.
  4. 2004 stang Mach 460 wiring is no different than 2003 stang (which I have).

    Call Metra. I gave you the number. In 2 minutes or less you can have EXACTLY the answer you need.

    There are many different metra harnesses depending upon exactly what you're trying to do. Most frequently used for Mach460 systems are 70-5519, 70-5520 and 70-5510.

    One more time - Call Metra - They'll tell you *EXACTLY* what you need.

  5. I found the 70-5520 harness at bestbuy a week ago. I called metra and they had "A" harness for my Mustang. It was the 70-5520. This wasn't *EXACTYLY* what I needed. Problem is I need 2 harnesses. They don't have one for the amp input. They said they were going to make one soon. I asked the tech how soon he said: I have no idea. :shrug:

    To Grodgers
    I would like to know how you got past the amp harness on your 03 Mustang seeing how its no different than the 04.

    So can anyone please help on how to hard wire the amp harness. I know it will screw up the amps if I do it wrong.
  6. Amazing..

    My apologies.

    Apparently they did change the amp plug (wires are the same, but the connector is different from 2003). Per Metra, you're correct - they don't have one yet.

    Ugly situation.
  7. Thanks for all you help grodgers.

    I hope someone can tell me how to rewire it without screwing it up.
  8. Nobody has hardwired there amp plug? :shrug:
  9. You should...

    Head on over to:


    Join the site (it's free), and then post your request in the wiring forum - you'll get an answer guaranteed.
  10. Thanks grodger,
    I left a question there. If I get a responce I will share it here also.
  11. helping you the easy way

    I have the mach 460 stereo as well in my 2000. Ford has the system so wired wierdly that it get's to complicated. I had spliced and diced all the wires and got it to work, but for like fourty dollars just go to best buy or circuit city and pick up an after market head unit wiring kit. Now if you want to keep it looking stock you do the same thing. Buy the wiring kit and go directly to your amp and from their your after market speakers, subs, etc. The only two main problems with the mach 460 is the amps for one which if you know you have 3 to begin with one under the head unit which helps power the cd player music output and the two in the back the one on the left controls the left speakers and the one on the right... and two the component set of speakers in the front... the crossover for the tweats is controlled by the head unit. So you would spend and awful long time getting to what you want to do buy the way you wanted to go about it. get the kit and start there. Also when you have the factory head unit it can cause your speakers to blow rather quickly. good luck
  12. As i have posted. There isn't a harness made for the amp plug. Metra is working on making one but have no time table of when they will get it done.
    I need to know how to, and what wires are what so I can hard wire the amp plug.
  13. Maybe someone has....

    an official 2004 Ford Worshop Manual could help you out. The information is definitely in there - unfortunately, my manual is a 2003... Why does Ford change things in what is supposed to be a carry-over year?
  14. y dont they just make it simple, use standard line level cables and standard ohm ratings. they seem to try to make it hard to dick with
  15. From every audio guy I have talked to..on the 04s you basically have to rewire...a place around here told me they tried converters but then lost all the highs. I have run into same problem everyone just makes the harness for the head unit and not the amps. I would rewire the car, I have the amps/head unit and sub to throw in the back...I just haven't got the urge to rip the wires out of a brand new car yet.
  16. I feel the same way. I don't want to rip wires out of my brand new car :mad:
    I guess I'll wait for the harness to come out from metra. :bang:
  17. is it all this hard even if i wanna add just a subwoofer?
  18. Any update on this? I'm going to call metra tomorrow to see if 2 months makes a difference and they now make one that fits the 2004 mustang.

    Even if they did make one that fits, or say i had a 2003, how would this wire up to the H/U exactly? so there are preamp signals going to the rear amps to power all the 4x6's in the car that need to be run on low pass, and a built in amp in the h/u. So the aftermarket H/U has to run power to the tweeters on high pass, and then you would plug the RCA plugs from the Metra harness into your sub output on low pass? Seems like you would be missing midrange somewhere along the way.

    And what if you have aftermarket subs and only want mids coming out of the 4x6's ? Can you then plug the RCA from the metra harness into the front/rear RCA output from the RCA and your sub into the sub RCA output of the H/U? So you will be running highpass for mids and highs to the "tweeters" and the 4x6 speakers, and the low pass to your subwoofer?
  19. Im not d*#king around with the Ford harness, Im just going to rewire everything when I get around to it. I agree, Ford changes things just to make life difficult..... wait till the 05's are out there, I don't want to think what a pain they are going to be!
  20. heh thats so true! It's only going to get worse.