2004 Mach 460 help

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  1. If you are going to rewire everything that does sound like a good idea, however i've not been able to find a wiring diagram as to what all of the wires in the 04 mean.
  2. When I say rewire I mean bypassing ALL the factory wires. Run new power/ground to head unit and amps, antenna, new speaker wire , new RCA jacks and everything else. Just leave the factory harness and wires on the side, diconnect the amps and take them out.
    One of theses days!
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  3. Bringing back an old thread. I've been reading about a guy with a mach1 over on mp3car.com that called metra and indeed did get the part for the 2004 and everything seems to be working fine for him. I think the part has come out if this helps anyone.