2004 Mustang Gt Convertible Question

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  1. Hello all.

    I am looking into buying a 2004 Mustang GT convertible. I bought one new in 2004, and sold it, but I miss the car so I am getting another. I found a Dark Shadow Gray one nearly identical, but there's a couple of things different:

    - The Steering Wheel is not leather wrapped (it's a premium)
    - The center stack trim is color keyed (vs silver Bullitt/Mach 1 style like my old one)
    - Leather seats are non-perforated and no pony's on the back (vs perforated and ponys on the seat cover on the front seats)
    - Headrests are small vs large

    The non-leather wrapped steering wheel really bothers me. the carfax came up clean, but why would someone have a non-leather wrapped steering wheel in a premium? It has 57000 and was owned by a woman in her late 50's and seems pretty clean. Thoughts?
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  3. How much for the car? Seems like your being a tad picky but it's you who will be driving it. What exactly does separate a premium from a deluxe? My 2000 has the leather wrapped wheel and the stitched pony on seats and the preforations. Maybe it's something ford changed after a certain period.
  4. Carfax is insurance-based. If there was an insurance claim, Carfax knows about it. If the guy, or girl, had it fixed under their own penny using junkyard parts, you wont find it on Carfax.

    Take it to a reputable mechanic and have them look it over.

    No. All GT's had leather wrapped steering wheels and perf seats with the pony emblem....even the cloth seats had the pony emblem.
  5. Sometimes body shops add car fax entries too, not just insurance companies. Long time ago my wife got into an accident with a driver that had no insurance an she just had liability. She took the car to a local auto body shop for a estimate and they themselves added it to car fax even though she never got them to do the work they entered it into car fax as what the damage was and that she inquired about obtaining parts for repair from them.

    I know not all GT Mustangs came with leather interiors but I thought that's what separated the premiums and deluxe denotions. If my 2000 has leather everything including the steering wheel is it a deluxe or premium?
  6. Odds are that it's a premium. Ford made it real easy to tell trim levels apart starting in 01 when they started using the bullitt wheels on the premiums.
  7. Yea I think the 17" wheels were an option from 1999 to 0o standard on the premiums after that