2004 Mustang GT Rims Chrome

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  1. 2004 Mustang GT Rims 01 Cobra Style OEM

    I have a Set of 4 rims off my 2004 mustang GT two rims do not have tires and the other two have nitto drag radials on them 245/45/17 with about 20 passes. Rims are 17x8. Please email me with offers and questions. Thanks.

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  2. Mustang Wheels

    Is there any curb rash on the wheels? Would you ship the wheels? I am very interested in this set if you could ship to St. Louis and wheels are in very good condition.

  3. how much are you asking for the wheels?
  4. How much are you asking?Where are you located?Are the wheels chrome or polished aluminum?
  5. still available?

    if so, price shipped to 78589 San Juan, Texas.

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