Expired 2004 Mustang Mach 1 With 77k Miles In Il

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Dec 26, 2010
Chicago, IL
Up for sale is a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 azure blue manual trans with 77k miles. This clean 1 owner car came from NC/OH and has the usual power options with the addition of Mach 1 stereo system and traction control. These Mach 1's are unique in that they have the Cobra 4.6l 32 valve (WAP aluminum block) engine except without the SC but with the Lincoln's 5.4l intake cam and 10.1:1 comp ratio for more torque. Trans is the 5 sp 3650 and it has the solid rear axle with 3.55 gear. Suspension is lowered from factory with stiffer springs, Tokico shocks and it has the Cobra's Brembo front brakes and factory subframe connectors.
Interior has the resto look comfort weave upholstery and unique style gauge cluster to give homage to the original Mach 1's of the 70's. This car also has the 18G interior package with brushed aluminum finish throughout and stainless steel pedals. On the exterior is has the signature functional ram air shaker hood, black matte trunk spoiler, decals and since its a 2004 it has the 40th Anniversary emblems plus the black matte chin spoiler on stock 17x8 wheels.
Car is all stock except for Borla cat back exhaust and K&N filter. There are no dash lights on car, no rips, tears or even wear marks on the interior. It's evident it was well maintained and not "beat" on. There are no dents, or rust on the exterior. Car was involved in accident with appears to be curb that bent the radiator core support from the bottom. No air bags, crash sensors or modules triggered but it had a salvage title for damage. Ford lead body tech (25 years exp) removed/replaced painted radiator core support, headlight mounting panel, fog lights and front bumper cover/chin. While it was apart radiator was upgraded to larger one, serpentine belt replaced, battery box and retainer replaced. Everything works on this car as it should be ready for new owner.
Asking 8700 any questions contact Joe at 773 879 zero681 or rowekmr(at)aol.com






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Not open for further replies.