2004 Mustang

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  1. hi guys i am new to this.tomorrow i am supposed to go look at a 04 mustang premier coupe. this car is competition orange 3.9 liter 5 sp manual leather interior 117,000 miles 6 disc cd player all power options.they want 7,895.00 for this .to much? they say it is rare because of color? it isnt a gt or 40 th anvirsary.wouldnt this be a base model with upgrade trim? any help would be greatfull thanks
  2. You could afford a GT with lower miles for the same amount of money. Maybe even in the same color. Like those Comp Orange cars. I say talk them way down or wait for something more worth the money.
  3. Do yourself a favor and get a GT
  4. a friend of mine had an 02 V6. I have an 04 GT. Every time he rode in my car, he said, "I wish I bought an 8 cylinder"
  5. True dat :burnout:
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  6. That is GT money right there....so just go buy a GT.
  7. That's not a good deal for the miles and price