2004 RoushCobra has arrived!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by RCOBRA Shadow, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone just thought I would post some pics of my new RoushCobra that I picked up a week ago. Tom

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  2. heres more

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  3. and a few more

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  4. Here is my Dyno Sheet. Tom

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  5. Damn you. That car is [email protected]$$ and those numbers are PIMP :worship: RoushCobra
    how much it cost?
  6. I heared the 380R cost over 40-50k so your car must be frikin more, hope its worth every penny!!
  7. onzz the car was 58000.00 and yes worth every penny. Tom
  8. Outstanding, Tom.

    Question on the dyno sheet - did you swap pullies between those two pulls? If so, what were the sizes?

  9. I would think that's just an 04 Cobra with a Roush body kit on it...notice that in one picture it still has the Cobra spoiler on it and in the other picture its got a Roush one on it...Althought I notice that it does have the massive 14" Roush brakes on it, so it may be the complete package... :shrug:

    Nice car though...
  10. I noticed the spoiler difference also in the one with the roush spoiler windows are tinted so maybe he swapped spoilers and got the windows tinted and thats what it looks like right now.
    I have one question I dont mean to be a dick but are you sure its an 04? Because 03 cobras had the light beige suede inserts. 04 had black suede inserts, right?

    Check out the pic Roush8 to see what I mean.
  11. info

    Why does it have a cobra spoiler and then a different one in another picture?

    What exactly does Roush do to the cobra? I know the appearance package but as far as internals...power what does Roush do?

    Does Roush do anything to strengthen the rear?

    It looks great by the way!

    I like the front facia...I dont like the way the stock 03-04 cobra and mach have that black piece in the front as part of the bumper.. Looks cheap...they should have kept the bumper painted and down that low instead of that ugly black piece.
  12. I'll take my 03 sonic blue I bought new for 28K =o)

    Nice car! But not nice to the tune of $30,000 more than my car!
    I could buy two! One for race, one for daily driver.

    I think I have $1k tied up in mods. (got em CHEAP)
    I'll prolly spend another K in suspension and call it a day for $30k total =o)

    That Roush is nice, really nice, but that'll be the day I spend $58k on a mustang!
  13. Enjoy that beautiful beast!!!!
  14. Ok time to clear some stuff up. I orderd the 04 Cobra in September and had the option to get the Light color suede inserts, and the reason I got them was because I thought it looked better than the dark. I ordered the Cobra without the wing but Ford messed up and put it on anyway, so when the car went to Roush Racing they were not able to put the wing on. Roush painted the wing and sent it along with the car. Ford ordered a black 04 cobra without the wing so when my car arrived they swaped trunks and mounted the Roush wing. Taz yes the whole nose piece was changed. After Roush was finished with the car, and by the way what Roush did to the car was the side exhaust, 18 inch chrome rims and tires, body kit including spoiler, Brembo brakes, and a few things on the inside. After Roush was finished with it it went to Paul at PHP and he did the following, PHP high air flow box, PHP Bassani X-pipe with cats, PHP t-56 shifter, PHP IRS Toe-Links, PHP IRS Pinion Support Bushings, PHP Eibach Springs, PHP Bilstein Strut and Shock Package (Sport), PHP fuel Rails w/Line Kit and O.E. Adapter, PHP heat exchanger, PHP 189 Degree Thermostat, PHP Throttle Body w/ S/C Inlet, PHP Sub-Frame Connectors, PHP Wheel Spacer Kit, PHP Caster Chamber Plates, PHP Custom ECM Program, and Dynojet Chassis tune. Vic-Ferrari I guess your not me, because with the way the car looks, handels, and runs the price tag means nothing to me. They only built 6 RoushCobras last year and so far this year mine is the only one built. I love the hell out of mustangs and I would choose this car over any other. Tom
  15. Congrats that is one sweet and powerful Cobra
  16. all i can say is if i had the money i would be damn quick to buy one.
  17. I like the little plastic black piece, gives the car contrast.
  18. Good luck with the new stang. Glad to see you spent your money wisely ;)
  19. Congrats on your new ride. Very nice!