2004 RoushCobra has arrived!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by RCOBRA Shadow, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Sweet Ride!! Very Nice.

    Man these guys are good, they noticed all those little things. I would have never seen. :D

    Anyway, Congrats!

    Rogue Cobra
  2. Congrats.

    I'm surley not going to knock it if you have the money. It definatley will be a collectible and a real eye catcher.

    Is part of the Roush upgrade done by Paul's?
  3. Sweet ride. Any pics of the back. I have seen an 03 roush cobra and they used an 01 rear bumper cover, I was wondering if that changed for 04??
  4. If you can afford it, you only live once.
  5. ...

    i dont think pauls has anything to do with Roush. I guess if you have the money what the hell... If I bought a ROush I would keep it strictly Roush though...just me though.. I would think it would mess with the collectablility of the car if you have someone else mod it as well.. but you probably dont care about the collectability...

    I would either go strictly Roush or strictly Saleen or get a GT and work it all up custom the way i want it..

    Roush and Saleen are awesome if thats exactly how you want the car though...


    THE CAR IS AWESOME...it looks really wild....congrats on having a one of a kind
  6. Sweet ride... 4 sure..

    Now if they only had one in a vert I'd be first in line..


    One thing I have never seen is that dyno sheet of yours.. What's up with the near vertical line with the mods you did .. Damn it jumps up to almost 400 in about 250-500 rpms .. Whoa !!
  7. Thanks guys for the comments. This car does come in a vert but I wanted the car to look mean so I went with the coupe. Paul works alot with Roush. He does alot of tuning on there cars and also for Ford. When it comes to Mustangs there is not one better than Paul. Here is a pic of the back before the Roush Spoiler was mounted on the car. Tom

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  8. Why do they use the 01 rear bumper cover. But yes that thing does look mean.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering about the 01 bumper... Also, what's with the gap between the hood and the bumper? You would think they would have compensated for it or something... Otherwise, nice car.
  10. Very nice car, your a lucky guy.
  11. Very cool car.
  12. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. Tom
  13. if I had 58k I'll buy one, and **** if the price tag means nothing then what the hell.
  14. Sweet a little rich for my blood but sweet none the less. :nice:
  15. wouldnt they use the bumper cause the 03/04 bumper have cutouts for the exhaust, and since this thing has side exhaust using the old bumper gives it a cleaner look? that way my first thought :shrug:
  16. I would rather Buy an 04 for less than 35,000, put about 6,500 in mods including the blowzilla (sell the stock blower), and dust the roush. JMO, oh yea, and not be afraid to scratch it.
  17. The stock blower is worth nothing. You wouldn't even get a grand for it. When going to a kenne bell you keep the stock intercooler and lower manifold. But if you really want I will sell you my eaton for 1500.
  18. Yes Mustang 50v8 you hit the nail on the head. Hissman I did by the cobra for 32.500. I then sent it to Roush, and then to Pauls which included 9000.00 worth of mods. Tom
  19. SWEET!

    That is one sweet, freakin...ride brotha!! Dammit, I'm sitting here contemplating gears and wheels on my GT, and this guy has the mother of all Cobras! Man, I need a raise, six lucky numbers, and Jessica Simpson, nude, covered in lube...oh wait, that's for another forum. My bad! :nice:

    :lol: :rlaugh: :p :D

    Seriously though, that is one beautiful machine you have there sir. Worth every damn cent! :flag:

  20. Then it is worth it. I just hate people going to dealerships and buying these cars and getting screwed with even more dealer markup.