2004 Saleen Sc281 Modifications

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by jdemolet, May 16, 2014.

  1. im going to be putting a down payment on a used 04 sc281 saleen. already made sure it was real it is. i want to do some basic bolt ons with it what could i do to get extra boost without having to upgrade to a larger maf injectors and pump. what would i be laying down to the wheels any reccomendations would be appreciated
  2. I think the quickest boost is to change the SC pully
  3. Yeah where can I buy one. Wil I need to change my injectors and maf. I only want 2-3 extra psi
  4. Just do a search for Saleen supercharger pulley. Should bring up lots of results and suggestions.
  5. what kind of bosst would i run with a 10% overdrive innovators west balancer
  6. The best plan would be to keep that car 100% STOCK.
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  7. yeah. but i want to mod it a little
  8. What mods do you have now??? I am going to assume you still have the Series IV blower on it???
  9. all stock
  10. Do you have the car yet? Drive it a while to see if you like the power (you probably will still want to mod it). I don't have any experince with SC motors so I'm behind the curve on advise.
  11. What is up man? haven't heard from you in while??