2004 SRT-4 vs. 93 5.0 Mustang

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by trev0006, Apr 19, 2004.

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  4. I say the N/A vs. N/A is really close if the car is stock. I've seen those Neons run 14.3. And I say the 100 shot leaves the neon in the dust.
  5. last month at the track there was one running 13.5's. i though they were turbo charged. :shrug: i'm not sure what was done to it. if it had a turbo, maybe he had the boost turned up a little.

  6. Most likely it was a guy from www.turboforum.net They have some pretty quick srt4's that are member on there and live local in lacnaster

  7. i say, n/a the neon doesn't stand a chance :nice:

    ....cuz the srt-4 is turbo :owned:

    sorry, long day :shrug:

  8. My sons 2004 SRT-4 runs 13.2 at 105mph and it is 100% stock. They even did more improvements on the SRT-4 for 2004 and with the Trac-Loc style front end now it just gets it. The best so far is a 1.85 60ft. This car I hate to say because of my earlier days of building Turbo 2.2 Shelby Chargers the SRT-4 is the cheapest,fastest car for the bucks. $20200 total + tax.
  9. I'd have to see slips for that. Some of the fastest STOCK i've seen is mid-high 13's. They can run high 13's/low 14's normal. 100% stock means no new tires, now weight reduction, etc.
  10. Sorry but gotta call :bs: on that one too.
  11. They did make significant improvements to the 04 model guys, including the limited slip diff which helps launches/times. With a good cool night, a sticky track and a good driver, low 13's and 105 traps are not out of the question. Besides, look at Speedy's sig -- he's got no reason to make up stuff about the Neon.
  12. That's pretty cool and they don't look too bad either. Up here we don't call them Neons anymore I think they're called SX2.0 now. Too bad they don't have a 2 door coupe turbo. Oh and Chevrolet is coming out with a supercharged 4 banger econo box as well, I just hope Ford slaps a freaking turbo into a Focus someday too. At least an American company (even if it is Dodge) is coming out with 4 bangers that will kill the import market and for that I'm happy :D Imports such as Hondas were born here as gas savers and new cars for poor people, it should have stayed that way :nonono:
  13. Hard to beleive that an 03 Cobra runs 12.8 and a NEON runs 13.3 stock. :rolleyes: Anyway..
  14. Boss 351 said "At least an American company (even if it is Dodge)"....

    Perhaps you've forgotten that a little outfit known as Daimler-Chrysler (maker of all things Mercedes and headquartered in Germany) produces the SRT4; and I'm not sure where they're actually built - a vague memory says it's in Mexico, but I could be wrong.

    Stangfreak - not sure why that would be so amazing. Subaru makes a 2.5L turbo version of their Forrester station wagon (XT) that runs 13.8's with only 210HP. And it weighs 3500 lbs. Kind of makes the Cobra and the srt4 seem wimpy in my mind.
  15. I dont see 1.85 60' on stock street tires. Especially in a FWD car. Had to be some sort of sticky tire.

  16. Nope, not a chance. I have seen at least 12 SRT-4's run here in san diego. The best I have seen is a 13.7. Most are mid to low 14's. And the 13.7 had tires, so I know they will not run a 13.2 on stock tires with no tune. I will definitely raise the :bs: on that one.
  17. What year-model were the SRT4's that you saw run?